Side table Tiziano - Midnight Blue

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Rinascimento in salotto

Side table in painted steel

Italian Renaissance and ancient architecture, in your living room. A modern and minimal glimpse. A structure that conceals a second element within it: fullness in the case of the side table, a place of arrival and refuge, and emptiness in the case of the coffee table, a meeting place (see also the Donatello coffee table ). Both are visible through the arches, arousing the curiosity of those who observe. Designed to be placed next to the sofa but also in a corner, in any part of the house.


The object in this sheet is finished with a special paint called "ultramatt" which means "super matt".

At sight, the object appears to be wrapped in a layer of velvet which collects all the light and recreates a space almost separated from the surrounding environment.

The touch effect is smooth and silky. A luxurious finish, of great elegance and refinement that expresses tranquility and refinement.


Studio LatoxLato


Blu Mezzanotte (COD05221)


Liscio opaco


Altezza 60 cm, larghezza 32,5 cm, profondità 32,5 cm


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Side table Tiziano - Midnight Blue
About the Designer

il designer

Studio LatoxLato

Virginia Valentini e Francesco Breganze de Capnist sono due designer e sognatori.

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