We remind you that shipping costs are calculated on the checkout page.
We will notify you as soon as your package leaves our warehouse and provide you with tracking to track the shipment to your home.

In this period we deliver in 6 weeks

Why don't we deliver in 2 days?

Simple: we don't have warehouses full of products!
Your object is produced after your order, as a unique object or child of a micro series. We build it completely in Italy , in our workshops, with largely manual work.

« If it were up to us, your order would already be on its way. And we with him, to bring him home personally! »

Instead, we have to wait for the times of our craftsmen who have to produce your item in our workshops. You know, those things: cutting, assembling, coloring.
Then it's up to Flavia, Laura and Rezarta to pack and ship. Then, we have to rely on couriers, who are better than us at finding the way to your house.
To do all this, it takes some time . And that's why we calculated approximately 6 WEEKS from receiving the order.
This time is an estimate that can vary depending on the period: sometimes in our workshops everyone is working to build something of Hiro.
Andrea, Michele, Salvatore and all the others always tell us that they have "only two hands".
Sometimes, however, it is the couriers who have full vans and make us wait a little longer. In any case, we always try to respect these deadlines! We know you are eager to receive your order.

You will receive an email with the tracking number upon shipment, to follow your order, step by step, to your home.

ATTENTION: if at the time of delivery you find any anomalies (such as the lack of 1 or more packages or visible damage to the packaging) or you suspect that something may be damaged, you are invited to ACCEPT WITH RESERVATION (REASONABLE). This is very important in order to be able to replace the damaged piece if necessary.

How to do? Ask the carrier to insert the wording "GOODS WITHDRAWN WITH RESERVE" in the delivery document SPECIFYING THE REASON (E.g.: "goods withdrawn with reservation due to crushed packaging" or "goods withdrawn with reservation for missing packages" or "collected with reservation due to noise broken components"). Here are some examples of visible damage: lacerations, splits, crushing, perforations or other similar damage. Suspicious noises coming from inside the package are also a symptom of damage. If serious damage is evident you can also REJECT to shipping with the reason "DAMAGED GOODS" in all these cases, contact us immediately at

( * in the case of pre-order items, delivery times are approximately 6 weeks; pre-order items are indicated in the product sheet and with a label on the image of the same)