Low Althea plant pot set and tray - Fossil Green

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From vase holder to coffee table

Freestand plant pot in painted and treated steel for outdoor use (low version)

Our domestic seedlings grow thanks to the care we give them every day. Giving them a container that enhances them and makes them even more protagonists of our home or garden is only the latest stage of this commitment.

Altea is really "the one who takes care of" and, starting today, the design piece that will take care of the beauty of your flowers. 

In this version with a low support, the vase holder becomes a discreet and elegant piece of furniture, both indoors and out. With the wooden tray, it finds a new style and also becomes a shelf and table, to place your favorite knick-knacks or other vases and play with the different levels.


Gabriele Panciera


Fossil Green (RAL7033)


Embossed, it appears "material" to the touch (not smooth); powder coating offers greater resistance to scratches than other systems and guarantees greater durability and color retention over time


Pot holder dimensions: width 60 cm, height 30 cm, depth 25 cm; internal box height 16.7 cm. Tray dimensions: max width 31 cm, max height 2 cm, max depth 27 cm


Approximately 5.6 kg

Low Althea plant pot set and tray - Fossil Green
About the Designer

the designer

Gabriele Panciera

Gabriele Panciera è nato a Milano nel 1996. Laureato in Product Design all’Istituto Europeo di design, inizia presto a lavorare come industrial designer.

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