Adriatica bathroom set (3 pieces) - Vanilla

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Steel bathroom accessories set: floor towel holder, side towel holder, wall mounted roll holder

Adriatica is the minimal bathroom line, the essence of design for everyday life, aesthetics and functionality. A single segment that winds and protrudes. It is offered as a holder for towels and toilet paper rolls.


Vanilla (RAL1001)


embossed, it appears to the touch as "material" (not smooth); the powder coating offers greater scratch resistance than other systems and guarantees greater durability and color retention over time


Floor towel holder: width 47 cm, height max. 90cm, depth 25cm
Wall towel holder: width 46.5cm, height 12cm, depth 12.5cm
Roll holder: max width 15 cm, height 12 cm, max depth. 9cm


Floor Towel Rack: 2.6kg
Wall towel holder: 0.6 kg
Roll holder: 0.2kg

Technical information and installation:

the standing towel holder is already assembled, maximum load 5 kg; the installation of the wall-mounted towel holder and paper roll holder involves fixing a support plate to the wall using 2 plugs (supplied in the package) to which the main piece is hooked with 2 hexagonal head grub screws (supplied in the package), load maximum 2kg


the objects are NOT in stainless steel, do not put in direct contact with liquids, if it happens remember to dry quickly


Mario Alessiani


Vanilla (RAL1001)




Adriatica bathroom set (3 pieces) - Vanilla
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Mario Alessiani

Mario Alessiani è alla costante ricerca della “bellezza funzionale”. Un design che non sia fine a se stesso ma al servizio dell’interazione con l’utente. E con un occhio di riguardo ai processi produttivi.

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