Meridio coffee table - Vanilla

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Open-air emotions

Coffee table in treated steel for outdoor

An outdoor table suitable for placing carafes of iced tea on sunny summer afternoons in the company of a good book. Or for evenings in front of a candle, a glass and long, pleasantly endless chats.
In steel, with practical space-saving closure.

Available in high and low versions as a coffee table.


Mario Alessiani


Vanilla (RAL1001)


Embossed, it appears "material" to the touch (not smooth); powder coating offers greater resistance to scratches than other systems and guarantees greater durability and color retention over time


Available in two
small: height 40 cm, top diameter 70 cm, base diameter 35 cm
big: height 70 cm, top diameter 70 cm, base diameter 35 cm


Small: 9kg, big: 11kg

Meridio coffee table - Vanilla
About the Designer

the designer

Mario Alessiani

Mario Alessiani è alla costante ricerca della “bellezza funzionale”. Un design che non sia fine a se stesso ma al servizio dell’interazione con l’utente. E con un occhio di riguardo ai processi produttivi.

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