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Plu umbrella stand - Midnight BluePlu umbrella stand - Midnight Blue
Plu umbrella stand - Steel GreenPlu umbrella stand - Steel Green
College Console - Beige LuxorCollege Console - Beige Luxor
Dinetta indoor bench - Beige LuxorDinetta indoor bench - Beige Luxor
Urbana TV cabinet - Steel GreenUrbana TV cabinet - Steel Green
Urbana TV cabinet - Beige LuxorUrbana TV cabinet - Beige Luxor
Organizer Everyday Box - Beige LuxorOrganizer Everyday Box - Beige Luxor
Everyday Box Organizer - Midnight BlueEveryday Box Organizer - Midnight Blue
Adriatica wall paper roll holder - Midnight BlueAdriatica wall paper roll holder - Midnight Blue
Adriatica wall towel holder - Midnight BlueAdriatica wall towel holder - Midnight Blue
Plu umbrella stand - Beige LuxorPlu umbrella stand - Beige Luxor
Levante Bookcase Shelf - Luxor BeigeLevante Bookcase Shelf - Luxor Beige
Levante Shelf - Midnight BlueLevante Shelf - Midnight Blue
Levante column shelf - Midnight BlueLevante column shelf - Midnight Blue
Tirrena Towel Holder Stand - Midnight BlueTirrena Towel Holder Stand - Midnight Blue
Marinella shower caddy - Midnight BlueMarinella shower caddy - Midnight Blue
Altea high pot holder - Steel GreenAltea high pot holder - Steel Green
Altea round pot holder - Steel GreenAltea round pot holder - Steel Green
Positano wall towel holder - Midnight BluePositano wall towel holder - Midnight Blue
Adriatica floor towel holder - Midnight BlueAdriatica floor towel holder - Midnight Blue
Coffee table Donatello - Midnight BlueCoffee table Donatello - Midnight Blue
Side table Tiziano - Midnight BlueSide table Tiziano - Midnight Blue
Frida Shelf - Steel GreenFrida Shelf - Steel Green
Ionica free-standing towel roll holder - Midnight BlueIonica free-standing towel roll holder - Midnight Blue
Design is a matter of choice
I founded Hiro to give space to proposals that had no place in traditional channels, I opened the factory to bring you all inside the workshops, to decide what and how to build, to observe sheet metal and tubes transformed into unique objects. Come with us to discover the Hiro world.

Manuele Perlati