Tranquil Dawn: the color of 2020 ends up on design objects, here's how it happened

Tranquil Dawn: il colore del 2020 finisce sugli oggetti di design, ecco come è successo

Tranquil Dawn: Color Story of the Year

September 2019. The Global Aesthetic Center Of Akzonobel is a color research centre, which for years has been studying and inventing shades on a global level for the well-known manufacturer of paints and varnishes.
It announces the color of the year 2020 : according to the research center, it is the “Tranquil Dawn”.
A particular shade of green , specially designed to recreate a sense of harmony and tranquility in the environments .
The intent is to offer an antidote to an "increasingly disconnected" modern society. A color that can represent "a human touch" at a time when advances in technology make us feel increasingly disconnected from each other.
even the name, Tranquil Dawn , literally “serene dawn” reflects this calm and relaxed state of mind.
This soft green it is the ideal shade to give a touch of freshness to interiors.
It is the ideal crayon from match with trendy saturated tones as the black and the petrol blue deep. But it also goes perfectly with neutral tones, al dark pink and al lilac , all key colors in this year's interior trends.

But how did a mural paint end up on design objects?

Why not use the same color on some too design objects ? This is what we asked ourselves at Hiro. The thing is, we fell in love with this tint. Above all, we liked the idea of letting you carry a little of that serenity into any room please.

So, we went straight to the manufacturer, with a request: We want to transform that wall paint into a powder paint to use on our design objects.
After some lab tests, we came up with our little packet of paint and tested it, on the Everdyday Box that you see in the photos. What do you think of the result?

A truly unique shade, it must be said, as we are the only ones who have worked on this color in this way.
The new coloring Tranquil Dawn is currently available on the organizer Everyday Box , on incense holder Moon , sul candle holder Loop and on Hills trays in special edition inside the scandi box .

You don't know them “Scandinavian Experience Box” ?
Discover Hiro's special selection now to recreate a corner of Scandinavia in your home!

Discover the new Tranquil Dawn collection!

* article written with the collaboration of blogger Giada Daniele jahddesign. com

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