Tongue, the designer wine bottle holder

Tongue, il portabottiglie per vino di design

The world of wine it is constantly growing. There are more and more enthusiasts, experts and simple tasters.

It will also be thanks to the great tradition of Italian wines, let's think about the Barolo , which has always been famous among the great red wines together with Amarone , the Sweet among the first white wines exported to the states to end up with the current preference for bubbles Prosecco .

A particularly Italian tradition for which a good bottle can never be missing, on occasions of conviviality, in the dinners with friends , acquaintances, relatives and on special occasions.

For this reason, they are spreading in our homes wine cellars where enthusiasts keep their wine collection at the right temperature but also i bottle holder in which to showcase your selection, a home as al restaurant .

Here's how to use the bottle holder to decorate your spaces and have your favorite bottles at hand.

Bottle holder with a modern design to furnish

Hiro steel bottle holder

Wine bottle holder (detail)

THE designer bottle holder they can be of various materials, above all wood and metal ( iron or stainless steel ) but also plastic , glass And stone !

They are big items functionality which have acquired increasingly important spaces in our homes and for which one cannot fail to consider the impact on the furniture and on style ours home .

That's why we need to find the most suitable solution according to our taste and coordinated with the furnishings already present in our home.

Tongue Hiro design bottle holder
The “Tongue” design bottle holder

Don't forget that the bottles themselves have a wanted line of the glass, labels of strong graphic impact and other details such as capsules and caps, which make them suitable objects to be shown rather than hidden in cellar or refrigerator even if, it should be remembered, our kitchen is often not the best place to store wine for a long time.

Only keep bottles that you expect to consume within a few weeks unless it is a cool, dry place suitable for aging your best wines.

here are the 5 reasons so a bottle holder must not be missing in your home:

– is an object functional but high aesthetic impact .

– allows you to keep a small one stock on hand and to choose easily the combination with the dish that you will cook that evening

- Create a pleasant atmosphere and convivial

– defines everyone yours taste , both in terms of design both in terms of wines

– if you have a bar, wine bar or restaurant, in addition to making an important contribution to the decor , it will immediately define the style of your place and allow you to have bottles within easy reach and to put them on show to invite customers to choose them

Types of bottle holders for wine: different solutions for different needs

Free standing bottle holder

Suitable to be placed on kitchen counter they have the defect of taking up useful space.

Floor bottle holder

Usually it is about columns or “totems”. The impact as a piece of furniture is very important, there are wooden or metal columns from modern and innovative design . They are suitable for carrying a fair number of bottles.

wall composition bottle holder
Wall bottle holder: example of vertical composition
Tongue bottle holder wall composition
Wall-mounted modular bottle holder: example of "staggered" composition

Wall bottle holder

Bottle holders to hang , the advantage is that they are, often, of modular modules which leave plenty of room for creativity in terms of arrangement . They have the advantage of not taking up space on the counter or on the floor but rather of recreating new unexpected spaces on the walls of the kitchen or hall and in the living area in general.

A bottle holder with a modern “Tongue” design

A metal tongue. Tongue it's a modular bottle holder wall , minimal design and clean shapes.

The designer Mario Alessiani first of all he thought of the concept of conviviality, tradition and hospitality in his reinterpretation of this common object.

Designed for the contemporary home, with one eye on aesthetics and another on practicality and space.

Its modularity, the clean design , allows you to customize the arrangement on the walls : geometric, linear or random, alone or in the company of other pieces.

Tongue arises from bending of a steel plate which becomes the accommodation for the bottle. Each slab is a bottle holder, several slabs create a composition: vertical, horizontal or free, according to need or inspiration.

wall hook design bottle holder
“Tongue” (particular wall hooking system)

Tongue hangs easily on the wall with two screws with dowels.

Tongue is a steel bottle holder, 26 cm wide, 25 cm deep.

The designer – Mario Alessiani

Mario Alessiani is in constant search of “functional beauty”. A design that is not an end in itself but at the service of user interaction. And with an eye to production processes.

Mario, born in 1989, specializes in furniture and accessory design . After various professional experiences, between London and Rome, he founded his studio in 2013.

Its products are characterized by one dry and synthetic style which, through the shapes of the objects, expresses the inspiration that led to their creation.

Alessiani manufactures products for Italian, Dutch, French and Chinese companies. Occasionally collaborates with the galleries of the sector.

Discover the Tongue bottle holder!

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