Decorate with candles: discover the “Loop” design candle holder

Arreda con le candele: scopri il portacandele di design “Loop”

“If you don't understand what it is, then it's design”

It's just an old joke, yet many have happened to have this thought.
The fact is that "Design" it is such a vast word that it carries with it an incredible array of concepts. And to think that it simply means "project".

Beyond the literal sense, when we talk about design, we mean careful planning, a long term study at the origin of an object which made it possible to make it more functional , more resistant , more nice !

And designers often succeed in creating simple and effective solutions to complex problems.

But is innovation still possible for objects of daily use?

It would seem so if you evaluate the quantity of shelves, trays, chairs and other objects, of the most disparate shapes, that are on the market.

Even if, today, innovation is more aesthetics what a practice.

And what happens to an object that had a real utility in the past and today has been transformed into a purely decorative object, like the candle holder ?

It happens that he is more alive than ever!

Designer candle holder


Chandeliers And candelabras were useful tools in antiquity, the first portable "lights". Obviously their ability to "illuminate" has also taken on a spiritual value so as to become protagonists of religious ceremonies.

Its "magical" air and comforting presence in the home immediately decreed its function as a object of decoration , thus, craftsmen and artists they tried their hand at creating strange and unique shapes for this object.

Yet the arrival of electricity has drastically reduced its use.

Until, now definitively deprived of any real utility, the candlestick has returned as a purely decorative object and for its ability to recreate a "nice atmosphere".

Yes, because everyone knows how romantic it is to dine by candlelight, how romantic it can be relaxing and how much inspiration come from kindling candles in the various rooms of the house. But candles are almost never used on their own - they need a holder.

Candle holders and candlesticks of various shapes, trays with a metal pin in which to stick the candle, supports in brass with handle, steel pipes, multi-decorated crystal candlesticks, iconic pieces of Seletti, Vitra , the most modern of Muuto, Hay and the micro-productions of hiro .


Here are some of the moments when a candle can create the right atmosphere:

portacandele design Loop di Hiro

“Loop” designer candelabra

  • TO table – the candelabra in the center of the table is a classic, for a romantic dinner or for family lunches, but why not play with your own sensations by turning off the light and leaving only one candle light up the night ? You will be surprised.

  • In bathroom – candles help you relax , to recreate a space of your own in which to disconnect from everyday life.
  • Over anonymous angles of the house - a beautiful design candle holder is capable of making a "forgotten" corner of the house precious.
  • on shelves of the living room - even while reading and even while watching TV, the candles they brighten with discretion.
  • In external – finally, of course the candlesticks become useful for lighting the long ones summer evenings .

Now I'll take you to discover the steel candle holder “Loops”.


“Loop” is the most successful representation of the concept of design as aesthetic functionality .

A curved line that crosses without ever touching, recreating a metal buttonhole fully functional in the socket. A reminder of the time when it was an object of daily use, a modern aesthetic for an ancient functionality.

portacandele design acciaio

“Loop” steel candlestick

From the project of designer Taiwanese Kenyon Yeh , we made the first series in only 50 pieces , numbered .

Candle holder with a modern design, you can find it in six colors, from the classics white and graphite , to the funny ones salmon red, traffic blue, melon yellow, embossed turquoise green .

Dimensions: base diameter 10cm, height 14cm.

Discover the Loop chandelier!

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