Scandinavian style: discovering an increasingly trendy furnishing style

Stile Scandinavo: alla scoperta di uno stile di arredo sempre più di tendenza

Scandinavian style

Raise your hand who has never heard of Scandinavian style in design! Nobody?
I imagined it, indeed, we are sure that many of you know him very well!
The Scandinavian style (often abbreviated “Scandi” ) has entered the hearts of design lovers above all for its simplicity, the purity of the interiors, and its easy reproduction in our homes. So, let's see how to bring it to our home.

Main characteristics of the Scandinavian Style

The light of white
Scandinavian white is one light pure, which invades the whole house from the walls, to the floor and to the furnishings. White gives a sense of warmth and purity, which is why a Scandinavian home appears right away tidy , full of comfort And relaxing .

It can be said that the Scandinavian style was born and took shape with the nordic product design ( Arne Jacobsen, Alvar Aalto, Eero Aarnio are just some of the relevant names). Design is part of its DNA and in every self-respecting Nordic interior there is a piece of design: whether it's an old chair, a table, a bedside table or a lamp, you will always find a design detail .

Shape and geometry
In the Scandinavian style geometry is very relevant: everything must be balanced .

Particular attention is given to raw materials such as wood , which is almost always left at natural . But also wicker or textiles as linen And cotton pure.

The colors used are neutral or in shades pastel . Very calm, gentle.

Hills design round trays by Hiro - Made in Italy - Scandinavian style

The new Scandinavian style trends 2020

Although with well-defined characteristics, the scandi style is also continuous evolution . Nora Santonastaso , blogger of Design Outfit has highlighted some new fashion trends “Stockholm Furniture Fair” of 2020.
Here they are:

1. The new tradition of wicker and wicker
The very elegant and slightly retro peek-a-boo effect of the diaphragms and woven partitions in natural fibers designs furnishings and accessories, defining a subtle reference to the past and to the European artisan tradition .

2. Leather and leather, including suede
Yes to the preciousness and pleasant softness and consistency of leather and of leather , declined in several tones: from the lightest and brightest honey to the more rigorous dark brown, perfect for the seats in the dining area and in the home office.

3. Yes to functionality, but only if it's also beautiful
Scandinavian design and functionality are often synonymous. But the solutions, in addition to being clean, linear, modular, versatile, are also capable of furnishing welcoming domestic spaces, perfectly suited to those who live there. With love. Storage furniture And space-saving solutions they are perfect for furnishing small spaces, without saving even an inch. (see our container stool “Mirage” ).

4. The magic is in the details
To study carefully (and steal with the eyes and not only) some tricks to make wooden design precious, non-trivial and very current: joints, rounded corners, curves and accessories, even where you least expect them, in very simple tables and shelves .

Discover Hiro's Scandinavian style!

* article written in collaboration with Vania Zorzi ( ) and Nora Santonastaso ( )

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