Organizing the living room and kitchen: tips and must haves

Organizzare living e cucina: tips e must have

The living room and kitchen are without a doubt the most used spaces in the house during the day. Therefore, their organization must be optimal, in order to take advantage of the spaces in total comfort.

The organization does not only affect the "space" factor, but also the time. In fact, if an object is arranged with criteria, it is quick to find it and is used more willingly. In this way you save precious minutes to be used in pleasant activities or moments of relaxation!

If the container space is limited, you can play with "everything in sight", without however renouncing good taste and harmony. Everyday objects, if well positioned, can help make the home dynamic and welcoming.

Here is a series of must haves for an impeccably organized living area!


The choice of containers is essential especially if you need - or want - to display things. Combine them like this:

  • containers of the same color must have different sizes;
  • mixes different materials and textures such as glossy and opaque, rough and smooth, transparent and material;
  • play with the sizes by combining containers of different heights.


A nomadic piece of furniture is a valid ally of organization:

  • can turn a dining table into a workstation when filled with office supplies;
  • it is useful in the kitchen, to contain jars, spices and utensils to keep close at hand anywhere in the room;
  • you can fill it with aromatic plants and move it near the window as if it were a small mobile vegetable garden;
  • helps you carry your most succulent dishes from the stove to the dining table;
  • you can use it to store cleaning products and accessories in glass bottles and closed containers, so as to move them where you need them most
  • it can become a coffee station to move between the dining area and the kitchen: use the upper shelf to arrange the coffee machine and the others to store pods, capsules and cups.


Inevitable to manage daily commitments is the wall clock. In the living area, this accessory is truly a must. In the kitchen, then, it helps to manage food cooking times and avoid unpleasant gastronomic problems!


Indispensable in the kitchen, hooks and organizers for utensils are very practical to have everything we need available while we prepare meals. In the living room, on the other hand, the hooks can be used to hang spectacular hanging plants, garments to keep near the entrance (provided this is in the same room) or mobile lamps.


Frida is a modular shelf, which changes display according to your needs. The boxes, as well as the shelves, move on tubular rails to create the composition you prefer.

It is a versatile and visually light piece of furniture, perfect for any room.

In the living room, you can use it as a side table next to the sofa and store tealights, vases, books, remote controls and objects to keep close at hand in moments of relaxation.

In the kitchen, on the other hand, you can take advantage of the boxes to always have the recipe books in order or to show off very fragrant aromatic herbs. The shelves are perfect for having chopping boards and utensils in sight.

Finally, attention to detail is essential for a successful layout of the living room and kitchen. To ensure that there is continuity between the environments, choose a palette of three or four colors and repeat it in different doses in both environments.

Article written by Federica @chiccacasa

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