How to tame unruly stationery on your desk

Come domare la cancelleria ribelle sulla scrivania

September is a bit like January. A month made of new beginnings, the scent of new books and projects to develop.

On the one hand, September takes us away from the aperitifs on the beach and the breathtaking panoramas discovered on vacation. On the other hand, this month arouses an inexplicable desire to go back to taking care of one's routine with a renewed spirit, among a thousand good intentions for the season to come!

A good reason to go back to spending your days sitting at your desk is certainly to renew your office kit!

It's useless: even if the years go by, the enthusiasm for brand new stationery is the same as when, before the start of the school year, one chose diaries and notebooks.

It is precisely the concept of "intact", of inviolate and clean of a blank page that entices us to get down to business.

So why not extend this mood to our entire workstation?

The order and organization of the work plan always have a positive effect on our way of thinking and acting.

A flawless desk also keeps ideas at bay and makes us more productive.

It's easy to keep the promise of a tidy desk in September, you may be saying to yourself, but what will it be like after months of work?

Spoiler alert : keeping everything in place is NOT mission impossible (especially now that Hiro has decided to launch 3 new home office items!).

In general, just make a point of cleaning and tidying up your workstation every day before you go off and to keep everything in its place, even during work hours. However, we all know that, often, things end up in certain places even against our will (it happens to you too, right?). In this regard, I have compiled a top 3 of the most rebellious objects with the relative rules to tame them!



In third place in the ranking of brats, there are sheets of paper . They slip behind the furniture, come out from the back of the drawers and show their worst side on the desk by occupying it "crosswise", literally.

There are two ways to avoid the occupation of the desk by the runaway reams.

  • Take digital notes. Print as little as possible, so as not to have paper overcrowding problems. There are apps that let you write with your fingers or the stylus. Printing less also means doing the environment a favor.
  • Take advantage of files and document holders. Organize your papers into neat, easy-to-access reams. The new Charta document holder is very convenient: you can organize the papers horizontally and consult them without taking them out. So you can quickly find what you are looking for.


      Document holder


      The silver medal goes to the smallest objects : pins, paper clips, bookmarks, business cards and leads (the worst). They sneak up everywhere, but then, when you need them, they are never found!

      • Use a magnet to hold tiny metal objects (tacks, paper clips, and pins) together.
      • Gather them in a multi-compartment container, trying to keep them divided by type. Domino has many sections that you can use together or separately.


          1st PLACE: WASTE

          On the podium of the desk invaders, there is waste . That's right, those objects without any use that accumulate by stealing precious space.

          Crumpled post-it notes, leftover packaging, snack and candy wrappers, spent pens and pencil shavings.

          The best thing is to get rid of them immediately, without allowing them to settle in our work space.

          A nice basket is what makes the difference: Exa is one that you don't have to hide under your desk, because it would be a shame not to let it be admired!

          trash holder

          With these allies, I am sure, the rebel chancellery will have no escape this year!

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          Article written by Federica @chiccacasa

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