5 tips to prepare your home for the holidays

5 consigli per preparare la tua casa alle Feste

Christmas is around the corner : don't be caught unprepared and think ahead of decorations and decorations, to make your home more beautiful than ever!

Every year the same story: panic to choose colors and decorations.
Take the boxes from the previous year and start using everything you have in bulk or maybe you go crazy and frenetic shopping and buy decorations that you can't match…

This time will be different! We have prepared 5 practical and useful tips to help you furnish and decorate your home with style, choosing design that is minimal and essential, but warm and welcoming at the same time.

Here are 5 ideas to save:

  • Whether it's the inevitable Christmas tree or just branches to decorate, the watchword is minimal and sophisticated! It focuses on the simplicity of the form, with few but refined decorations. The Falíe from Hiro's Winter Decor are perfect to hang, even combined with Nordic wooden decorations.

  • Try to enhance a corner that you usually left a little bare, such as a window sill, a cupboard, a fireplace… and decorate it by picking up the colors of the other decorations chosen for your home. You could decide to create a green garland and accompany it to the Niveo saplings to give a touch of sophistication and design.

  • Small family or guests in large numbers? Whether your parties are "many" or "few but good", don't neglect the table! The advice is to always leave a decoration in the center such as a large vase with intertwined pine and evergreen branches or a minimal centerpiece such as Glacia to be decorated with pine cones, red berries, decorative balls, fresh fruit. The table, in fact, must be treated in every single detail! From the dishes, to the choice of glasses and cutlery, the place cards, the bread basket and napkins. If you have Christmas themed napkins why not display them at the table? Arrange them on the Avea napkin holder with rounded and soft lines, which in turn will become a decorative element.

  • There is nothing more "warm and welcoming" for Christmas than lit and scented candles! Arrange the Flam candlestick in metal and wood, on the table or on the island of your kitchen, on a shelf or at the entrance, on the console. Entering the house you will be greeted by the Christmas fragrances of cinnamon scented candles: how can you resist?

  • Finally, dress up your home for the holidays! To make it even more beautiful, choose new themed pillowcases for the sofa, and a tablecloth with embroidery, in cotton or linen that matches perfectly with the colors chosen for the decorations… Remember to follow the same color palette, selecting two contrasting tones between them!

And it's done! Your home is ready and perfect to start the Holidays with style, but above all with DESIGN!

PS if you follow our advice, send us photos of your decorated house!

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Article written by Vania Zorzi @homedecordetails

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