How to furnish a terrace in spring

Come arredare un terrazzo in primavera

The terrace is a precious component for your home. It doesn't matter whether it overlooks the front condominium or the most beautiful gulf on the planet. You have an outdoor space to enjoy sunny days from the comfort of your home.

You can use the terrace all year round to contemplate a starry sky, to sip a hot coffee, or to cultivate your own little urban jungle.

One of the best seasons to fully experience it is spring: temperatures are mild, the first flowers are blooming and there is a great desire to be outdoors. Create your own little spring oasis in which to regenerate body and soul. A few steps are enough to set up your terrace in view of the flowering season.


Or rather, pre-spring cleaning.

If you have confused ideas about how to furnish the terrace, start freeing it from the clutter and dust accumulated during the winter. It is not just a question of decorum, but of perception of spaces.

Polishing every corner and dedicating time to your outdoor space will help you develop your terrace furniture project .


Spring is a symphony of chirps, light and colours, which return to fill our outdoor spaces with joy. Color is a component not to be overlooked when thinking about furnishing a terrace. The risk is to get caught up in enthusiasm and exaggerate, obtaining a confusing multicolor effect.

The secret to setting up a harmonious terrace is to create your own color palette.

Select two or three colors in harmony with each other (neutral tones, black and white also apply) that blend well with the color of the exterior walls and floor. Repeat them both in the accessories, in the colorful outdoor furnishings, and in the inflorescences of the plants.

The result will be amazing!

Check out our outdoor furniture collection to choose your color set . We are committed to making your choice as easy as possible: the colors are designed to be combined with each other.


Having breakfast on the terrace is a luxury you can indulge in every day.

A table and colorful outdoor stools are the starting point for creating a real corner bar on the terrace. An exclusive area in which to meet for aperitifs at sunset with friends.

If you have to furnish a small terrace or a narrow and long balcony , resort to smart solutions. Choose a garden table that is visually light, preferably with a reclining top, but stable and robust, just like our Meridio .

Don't overlook the details! They are what make the terrace pleasant to live in.

At the center of the table, fresh flowers can never be missing, as in the most poetic of gardens. Another must: the tray. A valid ally that can help you move and serve refreshing drinks or steaming cups. Choose it in a different color than that of the table, so as to create an interesting contrast between the two tops. Take a look at our Lamina tray , ideal for outdoors and indoors, delicate and essential in design, but sturdy in texture.


They are the real beating heart of the garden: the plants . Dynamic, lively and essential accessories for a terrace in spring.

This is the season of flowers, those poetic elements that make your terrace romantic and pleasant. The queens of the terrace deserve a location that enhances their beauty.

Bring the most particular plants to eye level, with a tall colored vase holder like our Altea , available in nine different colors and perfect for both outdoors and indoors. Altea is a spacious plant pot with feet and a practical shelf for placing gardening accessories or extra pots. You can also find it in a low version , perfect if aligned with the walls, but also useful as a divider between two areas of the terrace .

The planters equipped with feet allow you to easily keep the underlying floor clean and not visually weigh down the environment. To maximize terrace space, use window sills, eaves edges and patio furniture tops to add extra plants. What's right for you is a narrow and long vase for outdoors and indoors that can house different types of aromatic plants or act as a planter.

It didn't end there! Now you know how to set up the terrace in spring, but you have two seasons ahead to enjoy making it even more welcoming. Don't forget to refine your outdoor spaces with cushions, lights or colored outdoor lanterns , to be kept lit on cool spring evenings to create an atmosphere.

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