Outdoor furniture: how to create fluidity with indoor design

Arredamento esterno: come creare fluidità con il design indoor

The design of the external furniture of a house has the same importance as the internal one. You have the opportunity to create an outdoor space that looks like you and welcomes you, just like the interiors do.

From the outside, you see inside. From inside, you see outside.

Do your spaces tell the same story or do they seem to belong to two different worlds?

Matching inside to outside allows you to:

  • make the rooms overlooking the external terrace seem more spacious and bright ;
  • consider the terrace and the interior as a single large space and not as two disconnected units;
  • transport the living area, the hub of sharing, outdoors.

In practice, there are some precautions that you can take right away.

The square meters don't count: they are valid whether you have to furnish a small and narrow balcony , or whether you are dealing with an immense garden with swimming pool.

Round planter coffee table vase holder design Hiro


The transition between outdoor and indoor furniture must be as fluid as possible.

To make the transition "natural", remove the curtains from the windows! Keep them open, to let you glimpse the balcony furniture even when you are at home.

Make the view on the external furniture triumphant : place two identical plants with vertical bearing symmetrically on the sides of the opening. Choose the same design vase holder for them , for an accurate final touch.

Altea design pot holder by Hiro


In furnishing the terrace , the garden or the balcony, keep your personal style.

You can express the characters that distinguish your furnishing style through a careful choice of outdoor furniture .

A fundamental role is represented by the colors. You can generate continuity by proposing the same colors of your home in the design of the outdoor furniture . Thus, in the cold months you can bring the designer outdoor planters indoors and fill them with your indoor plants. They will also look great indoors, thanks to the magical power of colours.

The ideas for a terrace in perfect harmony with the interior are endless. You can play with textiles to add a touch of personality or recreate the atmosphere of your living room by setting up a cozy garden lounge complete with an outdoor coffee table .

Altea round flowerpot holder design Hiro


Playing with contrasts always pays off in terms of aesthetics.

One of the most pleasant and, at the same time, easy to obtain is the contrast between outdoor furniture with an essential design and the sinuous and unpredictable shapes of the elements of nature.

Imagine a modern outdoor planter with clean, sharp lines, awash in the soft, intertwining fronds of a hanging plant. Opposites harmonize and emphasize each other.

The result is extremely pleasant and never predictable.
Hiro design outdoor flower pot holder


Bringing a piece of garden inside is the key to creating harmony between an external and internal domestic space. Create a strong connection with the balcony or terrace, inserting outdoor accessories and touches of green within the walls of the house. It will be like exploiting the space of the double terrace.

Decorate the table by transforming a garden vase holder into a flowery centerpiece or place fresh flowers on a coffee table.

Speaking of textiles, you can use the same patterns as garden cushions indoors as well and bring natural fiber rugs or outdoor containers into your home too. The perfect piece of furniture to combine life outdoors and life under a roof is versatile and dynamic.

Our new entry Altea Tonda is a freestand planter , which if necessary transforms into an outdoor container table or a large vase holder .

Discover all the variants of Altea Tonda!

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