6 ways to use a round coffee table in home furnishings

6 modi per utilizzare un tavolino tondo nell'arredamento di casa

No one has ever regretted buying an extra round table . I bet it's one of your favorite furnishings!

Coffee tables are so versatile that they can be used for so many different functions. We love them because they are practical to move and because they represent the best solution for a support surface to be used while seated.

Here are some ideas for using a coffee table in every room of the house.

The bedside table

Being a low piece of furniture, a round table can easily become a bedside table for the bedroom. It lends itself to furnishing smaller spaces, resulting visually much lighter than a traditional bedside table. In particular, the tables with three thin legs are ideal for less bright spaces. The light also manages to pass under the top and the shadow produced by the coffee table is almost imperceptible.

The plant stand table

Ever thought of a coffee table to highlight your most scenic plant?

If you have many plants you can group them in a corner and create a dynamic composition by playing with heights. If, on the other hand, you want to make a single plant the protagonist of an area of ​​the house, you can use a low round table as a pedestal for your vase.

Lifting a plant off the ground also allows you to protect the most delicate floors from humidity and drops of water.


A small table in the bathroom

Well yes, the bathroom is a room like any other and, as such, it must be decorated and treated in detail.

A coffee table is just the accessory that transforms a normal bathroom into a real bathroom. Use it to display the most beautiful perfume ampoules, jars with bath salts, oils and creams to always keep available. Don't worry about humidity: a round metal table is the right one for your bathroom.

Coffee table in the entrance

At the entrance there is always a need for an extra support surface. Keys, sunglasses, purses and all those objects that drive us crazy before going out are easy to find if left close at hand.

Organize them on a coffee table by gathering them in a container and complete the styling with fresh flowers and scented candles.

If you already have a piece of furniture at the entrance, it can complement one or more modern coffee tables on one of the two sides. Again, for a super nice result, experiment with different heights and materials.

For example, you can combine a round table with a wooden top with one with a metal tray .

Must have in the reading corner

There is no self-respecting reading corner without a coffee table . Here it serves more than ever to place books, magazines, newspapers, bookmarks and a hot cup to sip while leafing through the pages.

In fact, the coffee table is one of the key elements for furnishing a reading corner, together with a comfortable armchair/rocking chair and a lamp, to warm up the atmosphere.


Sofa table: where to place it?

We now come to the more classic positioning of a living room coffee table .

Notoriously, a coffee table should be placed near the seating in the living room, but not necessarily in front of the sofa. You can place it next to an armchair or a pouf to allow even the extra seats in the living room to have a practical support surface.

The sofa table can also be placed side by side, next to the armrest. This is the perfect solution for those who have little space available in front of the sofa. In addition, it is very convenient, because you can practically reach the floor only by rotating an arm.


You are spoiled for choice. A round coffee table is one of those pieces of furniture that can accompany your home for a lifetime, changing its place and function countless times.

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