How to choose kitchen stools: mini guide

Come scegliere gli sgabelli da cucina: mini guida

Kitchen stools: practical seats for conviviality

They have made their way into our kitchens with the advent of open space living models, which have broken down the barriers between the kitchen and the living room.

 At home or at the bar: the presence of counters and stools in the kitchen allows us to experience moments of conviviality at 100%.

 It's exactly like gathering around the table, but in a more dynamic version.

When you sit on a high bar stool, you enjoy a position similar to standing: this brings you into the perspective of mobility .

So, it's easier to get up often to make a drink, change seats or stretch your legs without having to look down on your diners.

A stool with handles perfectly embodies the concept of nomadic furniture. It's the perfect stool!

On a stool for the island you participate in a quick aperitif before going out to dinner, you have breakfast in the morning before starting work, you sit a step away from the chef on duty without having to chase him up and down the kitchen.

Island stools : how to choose them according to the kitchen

What is the most suitable high stool for your kitchen?

A good solution is modern kitchen stools .

If you have a linear and modern island , they will look great and be in harmony with the environment .

If, on the other hand, you have used a large vintage table or a reclaimed counter as an island, a high designer stool will establish the perfect mix for an eclectic and impactful kitchen.

The choice of colors is your trump card to create stunning combinations .

Whatever the style of kitchen furnishings, color is always a very powerful element. It helps you create the right harmony between all the kitchen furniture and not fall into the banal.

You have three possibilities to achieve the wow effect : ton sur ton, chromatic contrast or neutral.

  • The monochromatic choice is ideal if your space already has a color declined in several shades. In this case you can choose to accentuate this feature by adding a third shade through the kitchen stool .
  • Spice up your space with visible contrast. For example, if the kitchen island is total white you can break it up with a couple of green stools .
  • Neutral is always in fashion. If you love soft, natural colors you probably have a wooden kitchen . White stool or black stool ? Choose white if the wood of the kitchen furnishings is light or orange. Dare with black if the cabinets are dark or reddish.

Kitchen island stool height : everything you need to know

If you're in the throes of choosing your new kitchen stools, you've probably wondered how high they should be.

The right answer is already in your hands!

All you have to do is consider the height of your counter, i.e. the distance between the floor and the snack top .

The ideal stool will have its seat 25/30 cm lower than the top .

Usually the height of a high bar stool varies between 65 and 90 cm. 

As for the best time to choose your new designer stool, well, this is it. Check out our Toto , it might just be the one for you.

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