Bathroom accessories: the essentials for style and comfort

Accessori da bagno: gli irrinunciabili per stile e comfort

Call it "bathroom".

It's time to get used to the idea that the bathroom is not just a service room, but a wellness area in which to reconnect body and soul.

If the classic translucent effect of tiles and ceramics tends to make the environment cold and inhospitable, then it's time to intervene with extraordinary bathroom accessories to add style and uniqueness. From the small and pretty containers to the bathroom bin , everything must be taken care of down to the smallest detail: the wow effect is guaranteed.

Style is just as important as comfort. Indeed, the latter is a must in this area of ​​the house. Here in particular the function of bathroom accessories makes the difference in terms of practicality.

Adriatica design towel rack

Designer bathroom accessories to make your routine comfortable

Your beauty ritual deserves maximum comfort.

You need space and footholds to make your routine comfortable and efficient.

Adding storage space to the bathroom is essential. The support points for changing clothes, towels, creams and small jewels are never enough.

The main pieces of furniture alone are not enough to satisfy this need.

An essential piece of furniture to consider for extra storage space is a space-saving bathroom shelf . A visually light and open-sided shelving unit is an opportunity to multiply the shelves and add a dose of color and personality.

The towel rail and toilet paper holder are almost mandatory bathroom accessories . Both are found in the floor or wall version.

To make the most of the space in the bathroom and make your movements fluid and unobstructed, set it up like this: if you have a large and spacious bathroom, dare with a freestanding towel rack and freestanding toilet paper holder . Focus on the design of these bathroom accessories to transform a necessity into a characterizing piece of furniture.

If, on the contrary, you have to furnish a narrow bathroom, take advantage of the vertical space and prefer wall- mounted bathroom accessories .

Don't know where to mount a towel rail and how to position a wall paper holder ?

Here are some boring but useful technicalities.

The wall mounted toilet paper holder must be installed next to the toilet. If it is on the same wall as the bathroom fixtures, it should be about 70 cm from the ground, if you want to mount the roll holder on the wall adjacent to the toilet, keep it lower (40/60 cm).

The wall-mounted towel rack can be placed on either side of the washbasin cabinet. A space-saving idea for micro bathrooms is to hook it directly to one side of the sink unit. In any case, the wording "at hand" must literally be taken into consideration. For a tidy and impeccable aesthetic, it is advisable to mount it at the same height as the top of the washbasin.

The area of ​​the bathroom that requires the most organized layout in the bathroom is indisputably the shower which must be accessible, equipped with everything necessary and equipped with extra comfort.

The universal solution for organizing your shower cubicle is a shower caddy with hooks , which fits on any cubicle, and does not require annoying drilling in the tiles.

The more space, the better. The capacious shower shelves are able to contain a set of specific products for each inhabitant of the house, so as to maximize self-care in the shower.

How to choose bathroom accessories

There is no wellness without beauty.

Furnish the bathroom as if it were your secret oasis, that place where you can forget the world outside and dedicate yourself, calmly, only to you.

Choose restful colors for bathroom accessories . Some ideas? Blue, terracotta, vanilla and white. Delicate colors that are hard to get bored with! Also perfect for decorating a blind or dimly lit bathroom.

Another choice you never regret: the simple and essential design . Too often we feel conflicted in selecting the perfect bathroom accessories and when there are too many doubts, the motto to follow is always less is more .

Have you ever thought that the bathroom mirror is the piece of furniture you observe at least a couple of times a day? In order not to get tired of him, go minimal .

A designer wall mirror for the bathroom is one of those always trendy accessories, able to bring modernity and visual order.

By strategically placing a table mirror on a shelf or on the top of a shelf , you can create pleasant plays of light. The refraction effect at certain times of the day will give you a bath of warm light.

How to make the bathroom personal and unique thanks to accessories

Bathroom accessories and small items are the key to communicating an aesthetic that talks about you.

Use bathroom organizer space to add a touch of style. Put solid soaps, loofah sponges or the most beautiful wooden brushes in plain sight.

Use the shelf of the mirror and the shelf as if they were your showcase. Then, have fun placing scented candles, elegant glass bottles or vases with fresh flowers.

Show off the chic side of you by leaving your sparkly charms displayed in a beautiful jewelry box .

Not sure where to look to start furnishing with bathroom accessories? Check out this amazing designer bathroom collection .

Exa small steel bathroom bin

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