How to always keep the house tidy: here are 3 good tips

Come tenere la casa sempre in ordine: ecco 3 buoni consigli

How to keep the house always tidy? Solutions that work

Order in the house brings well-being to the body and mind of those who live there. All energy enters the house, it also flows within us. The oldest science of Indian construction says it, which parallels the house and the body. This is demonstrated by the feeling of satisfaction you get at the end of a round of tidying up.

I bet you've asked yourself at least once: "How do other people's houses always look tidy?"

The truth is that the visitor always has a less critical eye than the landlord. If it were your home, you'd certainly find something out of place there too.

Always being impeccable in order at home is an almost impossible mission. Instead, what is easy to obtain is an airy, disciplined and well-groomed overview, which leaves no room for the eye to find that detail out of place.

Here we explain how to do it and what furnishing accessories you need for a tidy and organized home .

Where to start when tidying up your home?

Necessary premise: the arrangement of the furnishings matters. Placing home furniture in a functional way helps keep the home organized and harmonious.

If you feel like your house is always messy, then move the furniture and test a new layout for a few days.

Let's start!

If you go from one part of the house to another, you will have the impression that you are accomplishing nothing. It's happened to you before, right? Tidying up one room at a time is super quick and effective. Once one is finished, you move on to the other. The secret is this: put away, in one corner, all the things that go in the other rooms. When you're done clearing up the area you're in, quickly place the items in the corner and move on to the next room (without looking back).

Space-saving furniture for home organization

There are custom-designed furnishings to meet specific space and storage needs. What better place to store objects than on a piece of furniture designed for this function?

All components are important to meet the needs of organizing domestic spaces . Hooks, shelves, wheels and compartments are those elements that really make the difference in a practical sense. Each room has its own space-saving solution , to keep everything tidy even in the tightest spaces.

  • A space-saving piece of furniture for the entrance with shelves and hooks for hanging keys, hats and an umbrella, it performs the double function of console and wall hanger .
  • A small modular metal shelf is perfect in any room, from the living room to the study. The advantage of modular shelves is precisely that of being able to move shelves and object holders to your liking. So even a narrow shelf becomes a friend of tidying up!
  • Need an extra bathroom cabinet ? An open steel shelf is a great solution for holding towels, brushes, perfumes and various products. The advantage of having exposed shelves is to let in the light, and keep the space airy.
Frida designer shelf

Organizers and trays to tidy up furniture

The surfaces of the furniture are not made to be empty , but neither are they made to be wildly occupied by jumbled objects.

You may not know it, but those commonly used objects can become the decorations that make your home unique. You can transform a set of things into a neat and comfortable setting, with the right allies.

Group a few items together in a compartmentalized desk organizer . Home Storage Bins are perfect for organizing items on furniture.
For an extra touch of style, combine objects with different heights . That's how interior stylists do it!

Perhaps you have always associated trays with waiters, breakfasts, aperitifs, the transport of things. In fact, when it's not in use for its primary purpose, you can use a colorful tray as a base for neatly arranging small containers, utensils, or decorations on a sideboard or shelf shelf.

We reveal a trick: arrange the objects on the furniture in odd numbers . In this way the result will be visually dynamic and balanced.

With the right technique and accessories, tidying up the house becomes child's play.

These improvements can really be the definitive turning point that transforms a boring activity into a pleasant routine, perhaps accompanied by an invigorating music playlist.

designer organizer Everyday Box

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