Furnishing a beach house: 6 ideas for heavenly interiors

Arredare casa al mare: 6 idee per interni paradisiaci

Furnishing the house by the sea consists in creating that fresh and regenerating atmosphere to be enjoyed in the hottest months of the year, when the cicadas sing and the crystal clear sea moves calmly and peacefully. An environment in which it is pleasant to linger, a place to share, opening the doors to fun and light-heartedness.

The interiors of a beach house have to do with the key aspects of summer. The dazzling light, the lightness and the ever-present color are the must-have ingredients for furnishing the holiday home .

We provide you with some ideas for furnishing a beach house to live in a holiday spirit, inch by inch.

Let the sun into the beach house

Open the curtains, open the shutters.
Let the sunbeams draw shapes on the floors. Enjoy natural light indoors too. It will surprise you to grasp all its nuances at different times of the day.

An excellent method to multiply the light in the interior of the house is to install a wall mirror in a strategic position, in order to reflect the sun's rays and increase the brightness in the rooms.

In some hours, in particular, you can benefit from invigorating sunbathing.

Frame the panorama in a designer mirror

Speaking of mirrors: these are the furnishings for the beach house that represent the solution for bringing the waves indoors as well.

If your house by the sea enjoys a privileged view of a breathtaking view, you cannot be satisfied with leaving it so much beauty only outside.

Locate the right wall on which to install your design mirror and enjoy the reflection of the panorama in the cool walls of your home.

To give even more prominence to what is outside your holiday home, you can reproduce the natural colors you see outside in the interior furnishings .

Furnishing a beach house with the shades of the sunset

Watching a sunset over the sea conveys that intense feeling of peace and serenity that is difficult to describe in words.

All thanks to chromotherapy: the beneficial effect that colors have on us .

The typically summer nuances of sunset range from vitamin colors such as bright orange, cinnamon and melon yellow to more discreet, delicate and enveloping shades such as vanilla and terracotta .

All colors that have the power to bring good humor and positive energy to those who observe them.

You can introduce the colors of summer into the interior of your beach house through small colored furniture , such as a round table or shelf , or through small design accessories , such as a wall clock or tray .

A touch of blue to decorate your holiday home

The combination of white and blue is the most classic and popular for furnishing beach houses.

If you like the nautical style , reinforce this combination by introducing striped fabrics, rattan and light wood.
Regardless of stylistic imprint, blue is always a good idea for seaside interiors. It is a relaxing color that encompasses all the depth of sky and sea.

Experience shades of blue that are out of the ordinary. Do you know cornflower blue ? It is dense and soothing and lends itself excellently to a beach house decor.

Op design stool

Pots and planters to bring nature into the home

Summer is also a botanical explosion . New leaves, flowers and fruits come to light filling our eyes with wonder.

Plants in the house are a source of well-being , from both an aesthetic and a healthy point of view.

A small jungle consisting of tropical plants or small trees can only emphasize the holiday atmosphere in the house.

To highlight the most spectacular manifestations of nature within the home you can use tall vase holders or you can create thick flower beds in the corners of the house using a low and long planter filled with different species of plants.

Altea design pot holder

Play with sea-themed home accessories

Summer is game, fun and happiness.

Design accessories in keeping with the season are a nice way to show all your love for the sea.
Unleash the imagination and dare with wave motifs, round yellow cushions and patterns with stylized marine animals.
The design decorations allow you to never fall into the folkloric effect and always maintain a refined and impactful aspect in the furnishing of your interiors.
Amaze with a paperweight in the shape of a paper boat or with an undulating shelf that recalls the sinuosity of the dunes.

Have fun setting up the beach house and enjoy your holidays 100%.

Dune wall shelf

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