If the bathroom is too small, decorate it like this

Se il bagno è troppo piccolo, arredalo così 

If there is a room that is often "sacrificed" in modern homes, that is the bathroom. But there are solutions to make it more spacious, from architectural choices to simple chromatic and furnishing solutions. Here are some tips:

The shower

    Between the bathtub and the shower, it is certainly the second solution that takes up less space. Flush to the floor and without a shower cubicle, it is ideal for a small bathroom.


      Use light colors – they attract light and reflect it, giving the feeling of making the room feel larger.

      The mirrors

      Mirrors "widen" the vision of spaces, particularly suitable if the bathroom has a long and narrow shape


      As with the previous two, good lighting helps to give a feeling of expansion of the spaces.

      Minimal and essential furnishings

      Use minimal and essential furnishing accessories, functionality is important but the eye also wants its part. An advice? The new bathroom collection by Hiro.


      If the bathroom is too small, decorate it like this

      The “Adriatica” mini-collection, designed by Mario Alessiani , is made up of a toilet roll holder , a wall-mounted towel holder and a floor-standing towel holder . A single segment that starts from a surface, unwinds and becomes a point of support.

      Levante ” is a steel cabinet with four shelves to better organize your bathroom. Light profiles support the supports, a slight curvature on the second shelf accompanies the gaze to the ground, where the wave of the lower shelf refines the shapes. From the pen of Jordi Lòpez Aguilò .

      If the bathroom is too small, decorate it like this

      Stepping into the shower in your bathroom is a bit like going down to the sea. From today to remind you there is Marinella an object holder to hang on the shower cubicle using simple hooks, without drilling or glues. Formed by two storage compartments, perforated to avoid water stagnation. Decorated with a wave motif that become practical supports for hanging sponges, laces and everything you need.

      A thin steel frame crowns the reflective surface, giving a touch of discreet but decisive colour. A practical integrated shelf offers support for brushes and bottles, if you use it in the bathroom, but also, why not, small decorative plants. It is "Nessie " by Beatrice Rinoldi .

      Article written with the collaboration of Violetta Breda ( Architempore )

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