Ideas for decorating your balcony: create a cozy and comfortable space

Idee per arredare il tuo balcone: crea uno spazio accogliente e confortevole

Would you like to transform your balcony into a chic, beautiful, welcoming and comfortable space? Everything is possible if you know how to make the most of the spaces, and pay attention to the small details.

Planters, vases, comfortable seating, the right lighting, color palettes: even a small balcony can be made welcoming with a few tricks.
So let's see 5 elements to take into consideration:

1. Continuous communication between indoors and outdoors

The concept from which to start is that ''interior and exterior must be one'': the welcome and warmth of the interior spaces must also be extended to the exterior, and vice versa the greenery and freshness of the outdoors must be also welcomed inside .

2. The light

The light that creates an atmosphere, which creates a magical environment in the evening, is essential for recreating a welcoming and comfortable environment.

Luminous garlands, table led lights , warm wall or suspension lights are perfect. The ideal is to recreate several "light scenarios" thus offering the possibility of turning on one light source or another depending on the occasion. A must have for enjoying your balcony ''by night'' are candles : place your candles inside lanterns and position them in the corners or hang them up and let them fall from above.

Altea design pot holder

3. Plants and flowers

Discounted item? Plants and flowers on a balcony are essential yes. But how to choose them? Where to place them? How to create a mix of different plants?
First of all, surround yourself with what makes you feel good: aromatic plants, your favorite flowers, a plant linked to the memories of a trip, a holiday, a love…

Choose some evergreen plants that will give you the opportunity to enjoy the outdoor space pleasantly even in the cooler season.
Combine flowers and plants according to the season.

To "uniform" try to use vases with a similar shape and that have colors combined with all the rest of the decor elements (do you already know our Altea collection ?)
In fact, it is better to choose a single color (maximum two) for all the pots and planters on your balcony. So you can create a visual rhythm, without too many mixes: color harmony is essential!
Also take inspiration from Pinterest: save the images that strike you most on a bulletin board and then choose the style and colors of your balcony.

design outdoors

4. The softness of the fabrics

All green light for outdoor cushions, outdoor rugs, plaids for cooler evenings… fabric is par excellence what makes a space feel comfortable. It welcomes us and completes the decor.
Opt for seats or lounges suitable for outdoor use (such as the Meridio and Op sets ) and decorate them with outdoor cushions to enhance your outdoor space, placing them on the ground or on a bench to make the environment even more convivial.

5. Details that make the difference

Attention to detail cannot be missing to create atmosphere and make your balcony welcoming. The right centerpiece, a design watering can , a food trolley, a music box to play your favorite playlist. Each element must have its place.
If you need to stow some things on your balcony, you can decide to use a metal shelf and sort what you need by category: gardening tools, wood for the fireplace, some supplies, waste sorting, or shoes you don't use.

In summary, the essential points for furnishing your balcony and creating a welcoming and comfortable space are:

  • indoor and outdoor communication
  • plants and flowers with the right planters
  • soft light and atmosphere
  • welcoming fabrics
  • important details (even the smallest ones!)
Let yourself be inspired by our outdoor proposals .

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