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Idee per arredare parete tv

When you find yourself furnishing the living room, one of the "zones" you collide with is the TV wall. The living room is, in fact, one of the most lived-in areas of the house, and where, consequently, many objects are "piled up": your favorite collection of CDs, those books you have wanted to read for some time, the tablecloths that your mother gave you .

A roomy and containing piece of furniture is a necessity for many of us. But when you find yourself designing the room, you come up against doubts such as: which piece of furniture should I choose? low or high? where do i place the tv? better than shelves or a bookcase? The questions are many and some compromises are necessary.

To clarify and answer these questions, first of all, it is necessary to identify the type of furniture and the most suitable solution for you and your living room. So here are the 3 ideas that we have identified for furnishing a corner of your living room , in particular the TV wall, and which adapt to different furnishing styles and tastes:

Low living room furniture

1. Equipped wall
It allows you to contain many things, it is roomy , especially if made to measure. But there are cons : it often appears cold , devoid of personality, with a low-cost look. To overcome this problem, a mix can be created: for example, a lower containing part, the wall decorated with wooden strips and some contrasting hanging shelves or wall units. It's not our preferred solution, but with proper attention it can be effective.

2. Low cabinet
A low cabinet is perfect for the TV and allows, at the same time, to contain various objects inside it. It's hands down our favorite solution (and that's why we made Urbana )! In general, in fact, low living room furniture is versatile, not too generous in size to adapt even to the smallest living rooms. A TV cabinet also allows you to indulge yourself in styling by furnishing it with a vase of flowers, a tray with a few candles, photos in frames, a plant and other details that make the difference. And

Urban design TV stand

3. Hanging TV and bookshelf
Another modern solution for furnishing the TV wall is to hang the television on the wall to recover space and therefore furnish it with a bookcase (even a low one) or shelves . This solution is the "lightest" visually and is also suitable for smaller spaces, because it allows you to use the space "vertically".

Urbana design living room furniture

The extra advice

Here are some styling tips to complete the wall with personality:

  • Why not a nice wallpaper? Choose a particular and personalized design.
  • A gallery wall: highly effective, you can choose all the different prints that make it up.
  • Choose a particular color for the wall and some shelves to house books or home decor objects.
  • Don't forget about decorations such as a clock, a wall sculpture, a small boho chic tapestry and other small details that decorate your wall and give it character

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