How to furnish a modern living room

Come arredare un soggiorno moderno

The living room is a space that lends itself to conviviality, a place for sharing where you spend most of your time.

It is an environment that we could define as multitasking: in fact, to furnish a modern living room , it is necessary to take into account the different needs that coexist in this space. Let's see them in detail.

What to start from to furnish a modern living room

Before starting you need to think about your needs, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • How do I experience this space?
  • Who uses it?
  • What are the main activities? ( e.g. reading, watching TV, relaxing… )
  • Do I like hosting friends for dinners and evenings with friends? Do I want it to be convivial and welcoming?

Once the uses and needs within the living room have been outlined, you can start thinking about the furnishing project.

Living room design metal frames

Necessary elements to furnish a modern living room

The key elements are:
  • A comfortable seat like a spacious sofa where you can relax, perhaps in an "L" shape.
  • A roomy piece of furniture such as a low sideboard, a low sideboard or a TV cabinet to store "indoors" what you want to stow in order.
  • Good lighting, perfect for creating atmosphere and enjoying the surroundings. A tip: it's better to take advantage of more light points, in order to choose the right brightness for different activities. For example: a reading light, a generic diffused light in the room, a calmer and more peaceful one for watching TV and so on.
Stools for kitchen island design
  • A soft carpet that outlines the space around the sofa. An even more necessary element in the case of open spaces, precisely to define and delimit spaces.
  • A double-sided bookcase or open shelves are also perfect for dividing spaces. The shelves allow you to decorate the environment with elegance, thanks to home decor elements and to organize your things, books, boxes with documents, photographs, but also textiles or crockery (see our collection of Levante shelves to choose the size more suitable for your home).
  • A practicalcoffee table to be placed in front of or next to the sofa, to be decorated with a vase or a tray with candles and books.
coffee table living room design
  • If you love to invite friends and relatives, it is also useful to have conversation seats , a pouf or a comfortable armchair in front of the sofa that allows you to converse with whoever sits opposite you.
  • To furnish a modern living room, don't forget the "green" or plants that decorate and make your environment even more magical (with relative vases and vase holders ).
indoor design pot holders

    Remember: often the living room also includes the entrance , because spaces in modern homes are limited. It is therefore necessary to define and distinguish this area too, in order to separate the two environments through a cabinet or a small shelf, useful and practical for this environment. We talk about it in detail in another article of our magazine.

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