3 ways to use shelves at home

3 modi per utilizzare gli scaffali in casa
The shelves , whether they are tall and narrow or short and wide , are an indispensable element for convenience: they are, in fact, a useful space saver even in the narrowest environments, thanks to the reduced dimensions in depth.

Here's how to furnish a modern living room using shelves :

1. To organize

There's no better way to organize boxes, objects, textiles and books. Depending on the room and use, a shelf can solve so many problems.
For example, a high shelf can be perfect for storing school books in the room. Practical and functional also as a bathroom cabinet for storing the linen or accessories that we use most frequently. Also in the kitchen , next to your island, for a storage of cups and everything you need for breakfast. In the corridor or in the walk-in closet, the shelf can become useful for shoes, hats and accessories.

The extra idea?
You can also use a shelf as a shoe rack , placing boxes with visible labels or printing photos in Polaroid format!

Levante bathroom column
2. To have everything close at hand

The shelf allows you to have everything ''in sight'' and to easily find what you need. You won't have to go crazy in a desperate search for something.
But remember to keep tidy. To do this, use storage boxes to store everything inside with more freedom. The effect will be orderly at first sight and uniform in color and style if you use the same container boxes.

Levante design bathroom column shelf
3. To furnish with style

Who does not like at least a little "show off"? The shelf is the best way to store even the most beautiful objects. Imagine it in the hall : you can place a coin tray, your favorite bag, your essential items. You can also use the shelf as a bookcase, mixing books with vases, candles and other home decor.

Levante bathroom column shelf
But...are there also downsides to shelves?

One of the main problems (and which often causes problems) is figuring out which objects to place on the shelves. But don't worry! If you follow some simple styling tips, you will be able to furnish the shelves impeccably.

Here are our tips for setting up a shelf with style:

- Play with different heights (do not use objects with the same height, but vary, to create movement).
- Use mixed vertical and horizontal objects to give a sense of overall movement, and not make the composition appear flat.
- Create small groups of objects (better if 3 clustered together) even of different types (a vase, a book, a candle for example).
Take advantage of the shelves and furnish your living room with style.

Our proposal?
It's called the Levante Shelf Collection.

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