How to furnish a narrow and long bathroom

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Furnish a bath narrow and long is not an easy challenge, especially as regards the arrangement of furnishings and bathroom fixtures and for the enhancement of the space. Let's see in this article what we can do!

Arrangement of furniture and fixtures in a narrow and long bathroom

As far as the arrangement of the sanitary fixtures is concerned, we will clearly start from the presence and position of the so-called "hydraulic connections".
Good thing is to design the bathroom before the renovation or planning phase of the property.
If you have the possibility to intervene in this phase, it is advisable, in fact, to use a single wall for the arrangement of the sink and sanitary fixtures (toilet and bidet) by placing them side by side. In this way there will be more space for passage and the arrangement will be more orderly and linear .

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As for the shower or the bathtub bathroom , the ideal is to place it at the back, on the shorter wall of the bathroom . This will create an optical effect of enlarging the spaces.
Entering the room, your gaze will fall on the back wall which will be occupied by a spectacular bathtub bath or walk-in shower.
Inside the shower, consider hanging storage units that take up little space and are very practical (see for example our Marinella ). In fact, they allow you to have everything at your fingertips!

How to enhance a narrow and long bathroom

The back wall (the shorter one) is generally the one that should be valued the most. Especially if this wall is the wall in front of the entrance to the bathroom .
The advice is to choose a particular tile , with a pattern or captivating colors, an original wallpaper or a covering that catches the eye and takes the eye to the back of the room. This is to make the most of the bath narrow and long and to make spaces appear larger and more harmonious than they are.

What furniture to choose to furnish a bath narrow and long?

When you don't have much space in width, you need to furnish using the height of the room .
So yes to narrow and space-saving shelves , cabinets for bath light and harmonious (if you want to get inspired, look at our selection of shelves ).
Yes also to hanging shelves , paper roll holders and wall towel holders : they will allow you to gain space for the passage.

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Where to place the washing machine in a bath narrow and long?

If you don't have a laundry room, and you also need to put the washing machine in yours bathroom , here are the options you can consider.
The best position for the washing machine is on the wall where we will have placed the other sanitary fixtures , in order to make the passage fluid.
The ideal is to place it in a piece of furniture together with the sink : the piece of furniture will have a larger size than the standard (it will be at least 60-62 cm) to allow the washing machine to fit comfortably.

It can therefore be an open or closed piece of furniture in order to hide the washing machine from view. It will be a cover in line with the decor and the style of bathroom .
Another solution, if the length of the bath the ''laundry column'' allows it: in this case the washing machine is positioned under the dryer inside a cabinet. You could also create a plasterboard structure that hides your laundry column.

Recap: to impeccably furnish a bath narrow and long
  1. Arrange the furnishings and bathroom fixtures along a single wall
  2. Place the shower or tub in the short wall at the back of the room
  3. Try to enhance the back wall with a particular coating, with a WOW effect
  4. Prefer wall elements that take advantage of height such as shelves
  5. If you have to place the washing machine, choose to integrate it into the sink cabinet, or in a laundry column

The extra tip

Finally, don't forget the accessories match!
Nothing pleases the eye more than a coordinated set and palette: it will immediately give a sophisticated look to yours bath!

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