Furnishing a narrow and long balcony

Arredare un balcone stretto e lungo
Furnishing a narrow and long balcony may seem like a challenge, but with some creative ideas it is possible to transform it into a welcoming and functional space.
Here are some tips:


First of all, it is important to make the most of the available space. If the balcony is narrow, it is possible to place the furniture along the wall , leaving a central passage. In this way, you avoid obstructing the passage and you get more useful space.


    As for the furniture, it is advisable to opt for slender and light elements , so as not to weigh down the environment such as shelves (see the Levante series of shelves ).

    A perfect solution could also be to choose a bench or corner seat that fits the shape of the balcony, in order to maximize the available space.

    You can choose functional and space-saving furniture such as folding or stacking tables that can be easily stored away when not in use.


      Take advantage of vertical walls too: use the balcony walls to hang decorative objects orplanters with cascading plants. For example, a vertical garden or shelf for storage can be an ideal solution!

      hanging design pot holder


      As for the lighting , it is advisable to opt for soft lights, such as those of candles or lanterns. In this way, a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere is created, perfect for enjoying summer evenings.

      It uses energy-saving LED lights to create soft, atmospheric lighting.


        You'll then want to select a theme for your balcony and use that as a guide for selecting decorative elements. For example, a Mediterranean theme can include warm colours, aromatic plants and ceramic decorations. A romantic theme is perfect with plants and flowers such as Virginia creeper, wisteria or clematis. In fact, the right plants can add color and texture to the balcony and create a relaxing atmosphere.

        What if you're not a green thumb?

        Don't worry, here's a tip: opt for plants that don't require much maintenance, such as succulents or cacti!

        Outdoor shelves


        Keep the space tidy: for a narrow and long balcony it is important to maintain order and cleanliness to optimize the available space and create a welcoming atmosphere.

        Use practical storage solutions such as baskets, containing tables (such as Altea tonda ), organizers or boxes to keep everything in order, stowed on shelves or open-air furniture.


          Don't forget to add fabrics: in fact, using fabrics such as cushions or rugs can add comfort and color to the balcony. But choose weather and stain resistant fabrics for added durability that are suitable for the outdoors.
            To recap:
            In summary, to furnish a narrow and long balcony it is important to make the most of the available space, opt for slender and light furniture, take advantage of the vertical space, create soft lighting and add plants and flowers to create a welcoming and green atmosphere .
            With these ideas, your balcony will become a perfect space to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather.
            And if you're looking for suggestions, take a look at our outdoor collection !

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