How to decorate a balcony with plants: transform your balcony into a green oasis

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The home balcony, large or small, can be transformed into a green oasis where you can relax, read a book or enjoy the sun.

Furnishing it with plants can make the environment pleasant and welcoming, but it's important to choose the right plants and create a healthy environment for them.

Here are 6 tips on how to transform your balcony into a green oasis (and perhaps with a touch of design!):

1. Choose the right plants - The plants you choose must be suitable for the conditions on your balcony. For example, if your balcony faces south and receives a lot of direct sunlight, you should opt for sun-resistant plants, such as geraniums, petunias, lavenders and cacti .

If, on the other hand, the balcony faces north and receives little light, you should choose plants that prefer shade, such as ferns, hostas, begonias and fuchsias .

2. Create a welcoming space - Furnishing the balcony with garden furniture and decorative accessories , such as vases and plant pots , can make the space more welcoming. You can use different shapes and sizes to create an interesting atmosphere and create a vertical garden using plant stands.

Try mixing the various Altea planters ( round , tall , with or without a tray, those to hang …). The trick to the right mix is color. So choose one or two shades (no more!) that go well with each other.

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3. Necessary equipment - Buying the right plant care tools is essential to ensure their growth and beauty. There are many irrigation options available, from the classic watering can to automatic watering solutions. It's also important to use good quality potting soil and natural fertilizers.

4. Create a safe space - If you have children or pets, it's important to choose plants that aren't toxic to them. Also, make sure the plants are well anchored in their pots and don't fall over easily.

5. Care and Maintenance - Every plant has different needs, so it's important to read the care instructions for each one. In general, in fact, plants need regular irrigation , pruning and fertilization to grow healthy and beautiful. It is also important to remove dried leaves and flowers to keep the balcony tidy looking.

6. The perfect plants - Finally, here are some plants that are perfect for the spring period: tulips, daffodils, primroses, geraniums and lavender.

Turning your balcony into a green oasis can be a fun and rewarding project.

Choose the right plants, create a welcoming space thanks to functional and practical furnishings, make sure that the plants are well positioned and take care of them regularly to keep your balcony always splendid and luxuriant!

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