How to furnish a studio flat

Come arredare un monolocale
Furnishing a small space is never easy.
First of all because more often than not the same space must have extremely different functions ( for example? bedroom but also living room and relaxation area ).
Secondly, because there is a risk of total disorder if this space is not well organised.
Finally, it is not easy to give character, style, make a small space like a studio apartment pleasant.

Let's start with a few simple points: taking a cue from our advice, you will be able to furnish a studio flat with style and design.

1. Everything must have a precise location
It goes without saying that overabundance is banned to make room for minimalism.
A first phase of decluttering in which duplicates , unused items and dated clothing are given away or sold is mandatory.

Once the initial decluttering has been done, everything must be organized so that for each category of things ( dishes, clothing, books, utensils, miscellaneous ) there is a precise location and place to store them.

In small spaces, a built-in wardrobe can be transformed into a "jack of all trades": one door can house coats, another broom and vacuum cleaner, and yet another one for shoes or paperwork. So even the furnishings, as well as the spaces, become multifunctional. Essential to organize through storage boxes and organizers of various kinds.

2. A single color palette
When choosing the furnishings for the entire studio flat, it is essential to follow a single color palette.
This is also recommended for large houses but is especially true in unique environments such as studio flats. Following a defined color palette means selecting those shades that will act as a leitmotif : 3 neutral shades (even the same color but in different variations) and 2 more decisive colored tones that will give character and depth to the environment.

An example of a working color palette could be: Tortora, Beige, Caffellatte + Sage Green and Terracotta .

3. Furnishings must be multifunctional
We said it at the beginning: the same space will have multiple functions, which is why it must be adapted to different situations and needs. An idea could be a low futon bed placed centrally in the room which, if necessary, can become a comfortable sofa .

A round table with two simple stools (such as the Meridio set with Op stools ) can be a dining table, a smart working table or, positioned at the entrance, a handy coin tray. Be creative and ingenious in choosing furnishings.

library shelf 4. To subdivide and not to separate
Another essential element is the concept of subdivision but without separating. The zones must appear divided but without obstructing the view or closing off the rooms. An area can be delineated in several ways. With a rug, with a low bookcase or a vase holder . One senses that it is a separate area from the rest but at the same time the environment does not appear too small.

5. Details
What makes a studio apartment pleasant and beautiful to live in? The details! Details make the difference especially in small rooms. Therefore, elements such as the right wallpaper, a large plant at the entrance in a beautiful vase holder , a multifunctional tray , a candle to create an atmosphere, manage to recreate that pleasant feeling of "home" to be experienced.

In summary, here are 5 tips for best furnishing a studio apartment :
  1. Decluttering and organization to have everything in a precise location
  2. Unique color palette for the whole house
  3. Multifunctional and useful furnishings
  4. Dividing zoning and areas with carpets or other systems that do not enclose the room
  5. Details that strike and make the environment pleasant

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