How to furnish the landing at home: 5 golden rules

Come arredare il pianerottolo di casa: 5 regole d'oro

The landing is an important part of the home, often overlooked in furnishing and decorating. 

However, you can beautify it and make it functional at the same time. 

In this article we present 5 design ideas to embellish the home landing with style and practicality.

1. Choose a design theme

Start by choosing a design theme for your landing. It could be minimalistic , rustic, boho chic , or any other theme you like. Choose colours, fabrics and decorative elements according to this theme to create a coherent and harmonious look.

2. The right furniture for the landing

The right furniture can make all the difference in your landing. A bench (such as the Dinetta ) can offer extra storage space for shoes, bags and other accessories, while a small side table or console table can provide useful storage space for keys or letters. If space permits, also consider adding a rug or an armchair (Certosa can be perfect) to create a welcoming area.

entrance shelf design

3. Cozy lighting

The right lighting can transform a boring landing into a welcoming space. Choose a combination of light sources, including a table lamp , wall lamp , and perhaps a ceiling light , to illuminate your space evenly. Also choose the shades of light according to your design theme to create the right mood.

4. The right decorations for the landing

The right decorations can make all the difference in your landing. Add a colorful carpet , a work of art such as a particular sculpture or pedestal (have you seen Titian in the tall version?) or a series of photographs on the walls to add personality and style (with the Plico series you can create a perfect gallery wall ). Mirrors can also create the illusion of a larger space, as well as being useful for checking out the look before heading out.

5. Organize the space on the landing at home

Finally, organize your landing in a functional way . Create an area for shoes , bags and accessories using a bench with built-in storage, a shelf or cabinet with shelves and drawers. Install a coat rack for jackets and coats, and make sure you have enough space for mail, keys, and other items that accumulate easily.

Beautifying the home landing with design, style and practicality may seem like a challenge, but by following these tips you can create a welcoming and functional space. 

Choose the right design theme, the right furniture and the right decoration, and organize the space in a functional way to create a landing that meets all your needs.

Discover our proposals for your home landing !

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