Furnishing a Small Bathroom: 5 Fundamental Things to Know

Arredare un Bagno Piccolo: 5 Cose Fondamentali da Sapere
Furnishing a small bathroom can present you with some difficulties and many doubts. Would you like to obtain an excellent result, a good mix of functionality and aesthetics? Know that even the most limited space can be transformed into a unique and welcoming environment.

Here are 5 fundamental points to keep in mind to create a small bathroom with distinctive character and personal style.

1. Originality and Personality: captures attention from the moment you enter

The first step in furnishing a small bathroom is to add originality and personality to the environment. This can be achieved through the use of a focal point . Choose an element that immediately catches the eye of those who enter, such as a colored wall, wallpaper with a bold pattern or tiled stoneware with particular patterns. This distinctive element will bring the space to life and create a unique atmosphere, making the bathroom more inviting and interesting.

2. The essential furnishings for your small bathroom: proportional and functional

When furnishing a small bathroom , it is essential to focus on the essential elements. Although space may be limited, it is important to choose furnishings that are functional and proportionate to the size of the bathroom. Choose a compact sink, a wall-mounted toilet and a shower with a cabin or a corner shower cubicle. Opt for furniture and storage spaces that are practical and fit perfectly into the available spaces. These essential elements will guarantee a functional and well-organized bathroom. A holder to hang on the shower cubicle (like Marinella ) is perfect in this sense: useful, practical and doesn't take up too much space.

Marinella shower object holder

3. Functional Arrangement: Free passage

For a small bathroom, the arrangement of the elements is essential to optimize the space and ensure easy circulation. Avoid obstructing the passage with bulky furniture or incorrect positioning. A great option is to place the sink in front of the entrance or along a side wall, so as to leave free space for movement. Consider the use of light and compact shelves (example:Levante ) orsuspended shelves to exploit vertical spaces, without visually weighing down the environment.

4. Thinking Big: The Illusion of Space

A larger optical illusion can be achieved with some targeted choices. For example, using mirrors is an effective trick to make the bathroom seem bigger and brighter. Opt for a large mirror above the sink or along a wall to reflect natural light and decorative elements. Also, use light, muted shades for walls and furnishings, as they help give a feeling of spaciousness.

5. Complete the Look: Details and Home Styling for your small bathroom

Finally, it's time to complete the look of the small bathroom with details and home styling. These elements will make the difference in defining the character and style of the environment. Opt for a minimal towel rack (example: Positano ). Choose towels and rugs coordinated with the theme and colors of the bathroom, perhaps with some color accents to give vitality (have you seen the new Antique Pink and Light Ottanio colours?). Add plants or flowers to bring a note of freshness and nature to the interior (a designer plant stand like Altea is perfect in a corner). Accessories such as soap dishes and organizers for storing lotions and beauty products will add both functionality and aesthetics to the environment.

    Furnishing a small bathroom requires careful and creative planning.

    Focus on personality and originality with a focal point, make sure you have essential and well-placed furnishings, use visual tricks to give a sense of space and complete the look with thoughtful details.
    By following these five fundamental points, you can transform a small bathroom into a unique and welcoming space that reflects your personal style.

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