How to furnish a corner of the kitchen: empty spaces transformed into focal points

Come arredare un angolo della cucina: spazi vuoti trasformati in punti focali
The kitchen and the heart of the home. The place where we gather to cook, socialize and create unforgettable moments. However, in many kitchens, there are neglected corners that remain empty and devoid of personality. In this article, we will see some creative ideas for furnishing the kitchen corner , transforming empty spaces into welcoming and functional focal points.

Furnish a corner of your kitchen with aromatic plants (and the right pot holders)

    Transform one of the corners of your kitchen into a charming green oasis with a planter . This solution allows you to grow aromatic plants such as basil, parsley, mint and rosemary directly in your kitchen, ensuring fresh herbs are always at hand to flavor your dishes. A designer vase holder , elegant and compact, is perfect for optimizing space. Add a touch of nature to your kitchen with this charming and functional solution.

    Use a kitchen cart

      A kitchen trolley is the ideal solution to fill an empty corner and make it extremely functional. Use it to arrange an assortment of colored fruit with (and if the fruit bowl is colored even better). You can also organize sweets and snacks in a trolley, making it a delicious and inviting corner. With a utility cart , you'll have a versatile space that can be used for multiple purposes, both practical and decorative.

      kitchen trolley

      Create a wet bar in your kitchen

        If you love entertaining friends and family, turn the empty corner of your kitchen into a cozy wet bar . Choose an elegant and functional bar cabinet, with shelves for glasses, bottles and cocktail accessories. Add stools or tall chairs if you have an island to create a bar feel in your home. Customize the bar with a selection of spirits, drink mixes and decorations for a personal touch. This little corner will surely become your favorite gathering spot for fun evenings with your friends.

        Decorate with a versatile shelf

          Shelves that take up little space and are very versatile. There are different types, narrow , tall , with removable boxes suitable for storing small kitchen utensils, spices, cups, plates and much more. If you need additional space to store everyday items, a shelf is what you need. Arrange items neatly to create a functional and attractive corner. You can also add decorative elements such as vases, frames or small plants to give the shelf a touch of style.

          Furnish the vertical wall of your kitchen

            If you want to leave free floor space, you can focus on vertical wall decor . Choose a large painting or a particular print that reflects your style and fits the theme of the kitchen. An original wall clock can also be a surprising and functional choice. If you prefer a bohemian vibe, opt for a decorative tapestry that will add color and texture to the corner.

            Decorating the empty corner of the kitchen can transform a neglected space into a welcoming and functional focal point. With the proposed ideas, you can choose between a green corner with aromatic plants, a multipurpose trolley for fruit and sweets, a bar corner for evenings with friends or a shelf for everyday objects. If you prefer to keep the space free, focus on decorating the wall with a painting , clock or tapestry.

            Experiment and let your creativity run wild to transform your kitchen corner into a unique and fascinating space.

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