4 ideas for the entrance of your modern home

4 idee per l’ingresso della tua casa moderna

If you carefully furnish your modern entrance, you will have two daily rewards.

The first is the aesthetic one : having a welcoming and tidy entrance will give an excellent first impression of your home, both to you and your guests.
The second is the practical one : do you have any idea of ​​the advantage of having a place for everything? It means tidying up in the blink of an eye.

Even if there are some “universal” rules to consider, there is always the specific configuration of your entrance to take into account as well .
Every entrance has its perfect solution, you just need to plan carefully (and now we'll tell you how to do it) and avoid common mistakes.

1. Large and small mirrors
A nice large mirror is essential for taking a last look at yourself before leaving the house. Mirrors visually enlarge rooms , but not only that. The reflection allows you to have an intriguing preview of the next environments you will pass through. Even small mirrors , therefore, can make a difference at the entrance. To maximize space, choose them with storage space. Have you already seen our mirror jewelry box, Aura ?

2. Furnishings and accessories in palettes
You know what else reveals clues about the rest of the house, at the entrance? Color . The color range you have chosen for the rest of the house starts from here. You can introduce it with the help of colourful, modern and useful furnishings and accessories . From the bench to the console , passing through shelves and coat hangers : each element is an opportunity to exploit the power of colour.

3. Clock and umbrella stand .

They are two very useful elements that are easily forgotten when setting up a modern entrance. A clock at the entrance allows you to keep track of the time , on those days when you are constantly entering and leaving the house.

The umbrella stand not only prevents you from wetting the floor when it rains, but also keeps your umbrellas tidy in the only place they are needed (so you avoid forgetting your umbrella at home on cloudy days).

4. Art and plants

If there is a quick and easy way to give a touch of freshness to the environment, it is: adding plants and art. They make the environment welcoming and unique, giving an immediate positive feeling. Framed photos are also an excellent idea: they talk about you and your home and transform the entrance into an intimate and personalized space.

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