Designer pen holder: organize your desk with style

Portapenne di Design: organizza la tua scrivania con stile

There are iconic objects that stand the test of time. Some of them can't really be considered of much use or, at least, efficiency is no longer their main purpose.

They are objects that represent us, that define ours style that give meaning to ours home environment And work , bringing some beauty around us.

items to wear, tie clips, cufflinks, suspenders, watches . household items, trays, ornaments, stools . desk items, paperweight, organizer, pen holder .

Design pen holder: current and immortal

Here it is: an object that cannot be missing in a studio, be it our home or office, is the pen holder .

Today, handwriting has become a secondary activity, less and less central to the world of work. We write everything on digital formats, notebooks, cell phones, PDAs .

Yet the dear old ballpoint pen is always present on our desks. We use it for notes taken on the fly, not to forget our commitments, to sign i contracts important.

Many use it to make a "local mind", to organize themselves and write down the day's activities, for more questions creative . The pleasure of "crossing out" completed activities is incomparable to any digital gesture.

With the desk items have practiced many, famous designers and brands.
There are iconic pen holders, like those from Vitra , those designed by Eugene Quitllet (who collaborates with none other than Philippe Starck ), desk accessories by Alessi .

We spend a lot of time in front of ours desks , that's why it makes sense to make them pleasant places. Elegant and, why not, super colored .

Find out if Pico is still available!

Pico the design pen holder by Hiro

Hiro wanted to develop a steel pen holder designed in six different color combinations.

Here is "Pico", convenient designer pen holder , a small pocket emptier , simple and intelligent, a mini organizer desk and a domestic sculpture that becomes a versatile solution, to keep what you prefer in order.

Pic born with a vocation minimal , elaborated starting from a common industrial semi-finished product: a steel "tube". Cut with the precision of laser machines and reassembled according to an unusual combination, by the hands of craftsmen experts, becomes an emblem of style: cutting and welding, minimalism even in the workmanship.
Then painted in the colors salmon red, traffic blue, turquoise green, melon yellow or in the more classic ones graphite and white .

Like all the items in Hiro's showcase, the pen holder comes made in Italy , with a prevalence of manual work and produced in small quantities numbered series . To give a number, the first production was only 50 pieces.

Who designed the Pico pen holder?

“Pico” was drawn by Paolo Cappello , an Italian designer who started his career in the famous studio Ludovica+Roberto Palomba , before founding her own studio.
He has received numerous international awards including the “Young & Design Award” in 2011 and was elected “Product Designer of the Year” In the 2018 . Some of his works have been exhibited in London, New York, Sao Paulo and he has appeared in some of the most important magazines such as Living, Interiors, Elle Decor.
Collaborate with Miniforms, Valsecchi 1918, Fiam and other historic brands in the world of design.

Paolo began his collaboration with Hiro at the very beginning, acting as a link between the company and the world of designers and selecting some of them to become ambassadors of the "alternative" design project that Hiro brings with him.

See all projects by Paolo Cappello for Hiro

Check out Pico

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