The 3 ways to use a home organizer – Everyday Box by Camilla Corradi

I 3 modi per utilizzare un organizer domestico – Everyday Box di Camilla Corradi

Organize smart working with style

The domestic environment is still our main living space. Today more than ever we feel the need for these spaces to correspond to us, to make us feel good.

Many of us have had to adapt the environments to the workplace to carry out activities in smart working. The importance of a good organization of spaces forcefully returns to make itself felt. Because if it's true that it's difficult to always be "tidy", you can try to be "organized". And sometimes organization is about the little things. Small, but implemented with style.

Surely you already know how much the productivity is linked to the organization of spaces. This is just as true for a large company's warehouse as it is for your home desk.

Many small objects necessary for work organization: paperweights, pens, pencils, eraser, adhesive tape. Tell the truth, how much time do you spend looking for rubber when you need it? How many times do you lose your pen cap in a day? They are certainly small "problems" but they can be solved with style!

And you, how do you organize your desk?


The example we bring you today is ours designer organizers Everyday Box . An essential object in its simplicity, even conceptual. A box, like those cardboard boxes where we used to collect trinkets, but today defined with design, in metal, an easily cleanable hygienic surface. The Everyday Box is oval in shape, internal dividers define the space in one large compartment and two smaller ones on one side.

A through handle, in wood, completes the work, allowing it to be transported. Furthermore, as the handle is removable , it can also be used as a tape holder. An object in perfect Nordic style.

that's how Camilla describes the Everyday Box: “I wanted to create a box for everyday life that can be transported and used in any room: from the desk to the kitchen, passing through the bathroom (it's perfect for organizing cosmetics, products, brushes, brushes)… perhaps I should have called it the Everywhere Box because it can really be carried anywhere thanks to the wooden handle (which also acts as a washi tape holder).”

Given its versatility, Everyday Box can find its role in every room : it's what you need to keep everything under control, perhaps by collecting colours.

Here are other places where you can use it:


Everyday Box as a bathroom organiser

Suitable for storing all vials, soaps and creams, brushes and everything else you need. It can become a makeup box, a make up organizer .

Everyday Box in the kitchen


Spice holder, oil holder, salt and pepper, here is one of the many ways you can use the Everyday box organizer.


The box on Camilla Corradi's bookcase

It can contain postcards, pens and small objects to always keep close at hand without ruining the aesthetic effect of your open bookcase.


Camilla Corradi she is an interior designer and stylist. He conveyed these passions in his blog "La Tazzina Blu" , for some years now a point of reference for design lovers and furnishing enthusiasts. Advice and inspiration can be found on his website and on his Instagram profile, a creative and professional point of view shaped by passion and studies at the Furniture Academy where she graduated in 2014. She collaborates with the magazine “CasaFacile” which has included it in its selection of the best Italian design blogs.


We wanted the community of design lovers to choose the design gift that should characterize Christmas 2019. So we made several proposals. The first was the choice of category. There were more than 600 voters and the winning categories were "organizer" and "lamp".

Camilla Corradi immediately set to work designing an organizer with the minimal / Nordic style which characterizes it. Among the projects was this sketch:

Everyday Box organizer design project
The organizer's project

With more than 850 voters it was decided to put this organizer into production. The most voted name is “Everyday Box” and the chosen color is a “terracotta” red. We immediately set to work in the workshop to create a prototype.

Exact! Because until then there was only the sketch sketched by Camilla. When we have to make an object for the first time, we sit down at the desk with a our designer and we draw the piece with a graphic program.

At that point, with the project printed, let's go in the workshop by one of our craftsmen who is particularly suited to taking care of the prototype: he always manages to understand what will be the best way to make it and what modifications will be necessary!

Painting of the Everyday Box
Painting of the Everyday Box

In the case of Everyday Box involves cutting two steel plates with a laser which leaves the edges perfectly finished. At that point, a slab is folded back on itself to recreate the oval. Then all the pieces are welded and put together, including the internal dividers. All strictly by hand .

Then it is varnished, as you can see from the images above.

We have produced them in limited series, only the exact number of those purchased in presale. But after a few weeks we started receiving the first requests to put it back into production. Thus, he has recently entered Hiro's showcase permanently. For now in 3 colors: white, gray and red.

And you, where would you use it?

Discover the Everyday Box!

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