5 tips for furnishing a dream bedroom

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Furnishing a bedroom with style requires attention to detail, balance and the creation of a space that reflects your personal taste. Some problems during the design can be the choice of the color palette and the definition of the small furnishing accessories , which are left until last and, often, the right importance is not given to them.

Here are five key ideas to keep in mind for a dream bedroom

And to transform it into a welcoming and relaxing space.

1. The color palette of your bedroom

Choose a relaxing color palette that respects the bedroom environment: favor blues, all shades of green and cold colors.

If you want to give character to the room you can decide to concentrate on a single wall by opting for a particular texture , a darker color or an eye-catching wallpaper. It will then become the visual focal point in the room!

2. Quality fabrics for a dream bedroom

    Use a variety of "layers" of bedding fabrics, such as bedspreads, throw pillows and throws. Overlay elegantly . These layers create a feeling of luxury and comfort, just like in the rooms of the best hotels.

    A soft rug at the foot of the bed adds comfort and warmth to the floor. Make sure it is large enough to fit the entire perimeter of the bed.

    Alternatively, you can opt for two smaller rugs to use as bedside rugs.

    3. Comfortable furniture and small design accessories for the bedroom

    The bed is the focal point of the bedroom. Choose a designer bed with a statement headboard or an interesting frame to add distinctive style to the room.

    Once you have chosen the bed and wardrobe, you usually think you are finished with the furnishings of the room, and you neglect the small accessories .

    Stackable bedside tables

    The bedside tables , the chest of drawers , an open shelf , a comfortable coat hanger are essential for completing the environment.

    Choose roomy bedside tables like Lirio or modular ones like Delfi .

    Always follow the color palette when choosing these accessories too!

    4. Cozy lighting

    In the bedroom the key word for lighting is atmosphere . Creating a relaxing atmosphere through soft, soft light is the secret to perfect lighting. Prefer warm lights , and with few watts. If possible, avoid large chandeliers central to the room, instead choose wall lamps, floor lights or table lights .

    5. Personalized and unique details

    Choose designer accessories like decorative vases, scented candles, jewelry boxes and small art objects that add sophisticated details.

    A large floor mirror can add depth to the room and make the space visually larger. It can also be an interesting decorative element.

    Wall prints that frame your special moments (perhaps in black and white).

    Don't leave out candles or incense holders to involve your sense of smell too!

    Designer bedside table

    These were our 5 tips for a dream bedroom.

    With the right furnishings and following our little tips you can create your own oasis of evening relaxation, a real dream bedroom, like in a hotel.

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