Could we have chosen a better event than Milan Design Week to make our live debut?
From 16 to 21 April , we will be present in the WAO PL7 events and coworking space, with the installation “ Hiro Design Home ”.

Come and discover our exhibition space and immerse yourself in a welcoming and evocative atmosphere. Get ready to explore a journey through "domestic islands", where each room representing the different areas of the home evokes evocative emotions and sensations, thanks to precise chromatic choices in warm tones and the use of light and semi-transparent fabrics.

After years of digital presence, we can't wait to meet our community of design lovers in person.

The program

10.00-18.00: Hiro product display
3.00pm-4.00pm: Definition of finalist projects Call for Ideas (live live on social channels)
From 5.00pm: Voting for finalist projects Call for Ideas

10.00-18.00: Hiro product display
10.00-18.00: Expert Tour (by invitation)
All day: Voting for finalist projects Call for Ideas

10.00-18.00: Hiro product display
Until 4.30pm: Voting for finalist projects Call for Ideas
5.00pm-6.00pm: Announcement of the winning project
6.30pm-10.00pm: Party

10.00-18.00: Hiro product display

Call for Ideas: a modern shoe rack

The Milan Design Week will also be an opportunity to present the finalist projects of the latest Call for Ideas dedicated to a smart shoe rack , perfect for the needs and dimensions of contemporary homes.

Can't you be in Milan in that period? No problem, click below and choose your favorite shoe rack. As always your contribution is truly valuable.

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