Yiannis Ghikas


Yiannis Ghikas was born in Athens, Greece. In his background computer science mixes with design.
The ultimate goal of his projects is functionality, achieved through an exploration of its emotional potential. For Yannis, design is a process that satisfies both tangible and intangible needs. His "Monarchy" stool received the “Red Dot Design Award” in 2009 and the “German Design Award” in 2016.
He has collaborated with companies such as Feld and Objekten (Belgium), Miniforms (Italy), Convessa (Greece), Biocidetech (United Kingdom) as well as with the Industrial Gas Museum in Athens. His works have been exhibited in various parts of the world.



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Design is a matter of choice
Ho fondato Hiro per dare spazio a proposte che non trovavano posto nei canali tradizionali, ho aperto la fabbrica per portarvi tutti dentro le officine, per decidere cosa e come costruire, per osservare lamiere e tubi trasformarsi in oggetti unici. Venite con noi a scoprire il mondo Hiro.

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