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Joos Coffee Table - Fossil GreenJoos Coffee Table - Fossil Green
Joos coffee table - TerracottaJoos coffee table - Terracotta
Coffee table Joos (Wooden top) - White ShellCoffee table Joos (Wooden top) - White Shell
Joos coffee table - Graphite BlackJoos coffee table - Graphite Black
Joos coffee table - White ShellJoos coffee table - White Shell
Coffee table Joos - CinnamonCoffee table Joos - Cinnamon
Coffee table Joos (Wooden top) - Fossil GreenCoffee table Joos (Wooden top) - Fossil Green
Coffee table Joos - VanillaCoffee table Joos - Vanilla
Coffee table Joos (Wooden top) - CinnamonCoffee table Joos (Wooden top) - Cinnamon
Coffee table Joos (Wooden top) - Black GraphiteCoffee table Joos (Wooden top) - Black Graphite
Coffee table Joos (Wooden top) - TerracottaCoffee table Joos (Wooden top) - Terracotta
Coffee table Joos (Wooden top) - VanillaCoffee table Joos (Wooden top) - Vanilla
Design is a matter of choice
I founded Hiro to give space to proposals that had no place in traditional channels, I opened the factory to bring you all inside the workshops, to decide what and how to build, to observe sheet metal and tubes transformed into unique objects. Come with us to discover the Hiro world.

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