Ambroise Maggiar

Ambroise Maggiar French designer (1978), graduated from ENSAD Paris. Lives and works in Milan. After a long experience with M. Hasuike, Ph.Starck with whom he co-signs projects and P.Urquiola, he opens his own studio in Milan in 2019. His multidisciplinary vision allows him to approach all facets of design, from the industrial product to artistic craftsmanship, from furniture to poetic micro-architectures. It collaborates with the world of luxury and supports the humanitarian activities of the NGO Biblioteca Senza Frontiere



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Milo Coat Hanger - Graphite BlackMilo Coat Hanger - Graphite Black
Milo Coat Hanger - India BlueMilo Coat Hanger - India Blue
Milo Coat Hanger - Fossil GreenMilo Coat Hanger - Fossil Green
Milo Coat Hanger - Shell WhiteMilo Coat Hanger - Shell White
Milo Coat Hanger - Steel GreenMilo Coat Hanger - Steel Green
Milo Coat Hanger - Beige LuxorMilo Coat Hanger - Beige Luxor
Milo Coat Hanger - CinnamonMilo Coat Hanger - Cinnamon
Milo Coat Hanger - TerracottaMilo Coat Hanger - Terracotta
Milo coat hanger - Sugar paper greyMilo coat hanger - Sugar paper grey
Design is a matter of choice
I founded Hiro to give space to proposals that had no place in traditional channels, I opened the factory to bring you all inside the workshops, to decide what and how to build, to observe sheet metal and tubes transformed into unique objects. Come with us to discover the Hiro world.

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