Designing and furnishing a small kitchen: 6 tips for maximizing space

Progettare e arredare una cucina piccola: 6 suggerimenti per massimizzare lo spazio

With a little planning and creativity , a small kitchen can be designed and furnished , creating a functional and welcoming space. Even in the smallest size.

In this article, we present some suggestions and ideas to optimize the available space and create a practical and beautiful kitchen to live in with the typical functionality of Hiro.

1. Smart planning of your small kitchen

Before starting any interior design project, it is important to carefully plan the arrangement of the elements. Measure the available space and make note of electrical outlets, windows and doors. Consider the layout of water points and hookups for appliances. This information will help you decide where to place sinks, stoves, refrigerators, and other key items .

2. Take advantage of the height of your kitchen

When floor space is at a premium, you can take advantage of the height of the walls to create more storage space. Install cabinets or shelves above countertops to store dishes, pans, and cooking utensils. Take advantage of the vertical space up to the ceiling to maximize the use of space. The shelves are very valid allies in this case (an example? Lauro and Levante ). The extra touch: the wall bottle holders .

3. Use multifunctional furniture for a small kitchen

A smart way to save space in a small kitchen is to use multifunctional furniture . For example, you could opt for a dining table that can be folded away or extended when needed, choose stools that can be stored under the kitchen counter, not too bulky (like Toto or Op ). This will allow you to save space when they are not in use!

4. Light and colors

Proper lighting can work wonders in a small kitchen. Make the most of natural light by opening curtains or blinds during the day. Also insert sources of artificial lighting, such as spotlights or LED strips under cabinets, to illuminate dark corners. In terms of colors, opt for light and bright shades to create the illusion of a larger space. Light colors reflect light and give a feeling of openness.

5. Organize and declutter your kitchen

A small kitchen requires impeccable organization to maximize the use of space. Minimize objects on the worktop surface and use organizers or containers (such as our Everyday box or Domino ) to keep everything in order. Get rid of tools and appliances you don't use often and optimize space with smart storage solutions, such as shelves or multipurpose trolleys ( Pagoda is perfect in the kitchen but also Frida to be modular as you like).

6. Materials and finishes

When designing a small kitchen, it's important to choose materials and finishes that create a feeling of space and light . Don't forget the good use of a well-selected color palette that we have also told you about in other articles.

Designing and furnishing a small kitchen may seem like a daunting task, but with careful planning and the use of clever solutions, you can create a functional and welcoming space.

Remember to take advantage of the height of the walls to create extra storage space, use multifunctional furniture to maximize the use of space, and choose light colors and adequate lighting to give a feeling of spaciousness. Organization and decluttering are key to keeping the kitchen tidy and functional.

Extra tip: remember that the kitchen is the heart of the home and even in a small space, it can become a pleasant place to prepare meals and socialize. Experiment with creative solutions , like hanging pots and pans on walls or using open shelves to display cooking utensils. Always keep the balance between functionality and aesthetics, in order to create a space that reflects your style and meets your needs.

We hope that the tips and ideas presented in this article have inspired you and helped you create the kitchen of your dreams, regardless of its size.

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