How to choose garden furniture: tips on design, materials and colours

Come scegliere i mobili per il giardino: tips su design, materiali e colori

You never get tired of the beautiful outdoor environment that the garden offers. An oasis of tranquility and relaxation, but also a space for entertainment and socialization.

This open-air room is appreciated even more when it is set up to be lived in, thanks to the outdoor furniture.

How do you make this space truly welcoming and functional?

The answer lies in choosing the right garden furniture: an impossible mission? What's more: it's much simpler than you think .

Let's immediately discover together how to choose the perfect garden furniture, focusing on design, materials and colours .

The advantages of minimal design in garden furniture

The first point to highlight when choosing garden furniture is the design : the overall aesthetics of the furnishings .

The choice of design depends a lot on both your tastes and the style of your home, but also on the "flavor" you want to give to your garden.

In any case, there is one above all that never goes out of fashion and which lends itself well to any combination : it is minimal design .

Here are the good reasons why minimal garden furniture is also right for you.

  1. They look good on all homes . Minimalist outdoor furniture not only offers a timeless aesthetic, but can also be combined harmoniously with any architectural style, from modern residences to traditional homes.
They go great with all types of balustrades or fences in the garden. Whether they are made of wrought iron, wood, glass or other materials, the furniture with an essential design adapts elegantly, adding a touch of class and sobriety to the entire outdoor area.
Another plus point is the ability to enhance any type of flooring . Whether it is natural stone, terracotta, resin or concrete, outdoor furniture with a minimal design allows the floor covering to emerge, accentuating the beauty and authenticity of the material used.
They represent the perfect solution to enrich any garden, without creating unwanted contrasts or overloading the space.
  1. Airy spaces . Although minimalist, all the furnishings still occupy a certain volume. However, the essentiality of the lines allows you to maintain an open and airy effect, without visually weighing down the space. This is particularly important in a context such as the garden, where it is essential to perceive a sense of freedom and openness .
  1. Easier to clean . Cleaning and maintenance of minimal furniture are extremely simple and cost little in terms of time and energy. Thanks to their essential shape and the reduced presence of superfluous details, a simple detergent and a cloth are enough to keep them in perfect condition.
This means less time spent cleaning and more time dedicated to relaxing and having fun in the garden , making the garden an even more pleasant and stress-free place.
  1. Green remains the real protagonist . Thanks to their sobriety and discretion, minimal furniture does not steal the show from the plants and the garden itself.
They integrate with the natural landscape, allowing the beauty of the greenery to shine without being overshadowed by intrusive furnishing elements.
In this way, the garden remains the undisputed protagonist, while the outdoor furniture plays the role of refined and functional "accessory", which never dominates the surrounding environment.

Which materials to choose for outdoor furniture?

When it comes to choosing materials for garden furniture, it is essential to opt for those that combine beauty, practicality and durability over time . There are several options available on the market, each with its advantages and disadvantages, but there is one material that stands out for its versatility and resistance: metal.
Metal is an excellent choice for garden furniture , as it offers sturdiness, aesthetic versatility and ease of maintenance. Materials such as aluminum and steel are particularly popular due to their resistance to rust and corrosion. This makes them ideal for outdoor environments.
Painting is also important: to ensure that outdoor furniture keeps its color unchanged for as long as possible , we at Hiro only use a special powder technique .
Take a look at our steel outdoor furniture .
Plus, metal can be molded into a wide range of shapes and styles, allowing for a variety of designs to suit any taste.
Other materials commonly used for garden furniture include wood, synthetic rattan and PVC . While these materials may offer a more rustic or natural look, they often require more maintenance over time and are subject to deterioration from the elements .

How to choose the colors of garden furniture?

The choice of colors for garden furniture is essential to create the atmosphere you want and to add that touch of personality that makes your garden different from that of your neighbors.
First of all, it is important to take into consideration the colors of the external walls and the floor (when present), trying to create harmony or studied contrasts .
For example, if the walls are a warm terracotta, furniture in neutral shades such as shell white or sugar paper gray can create an elegant contrast.
Alternatively, if you prefer a more cohesive look, you can opt for furniture that reflects the shades present in the external walls or that act as a bridge between the color of the floor and that of the walls.
In addition to coherence with the surrounding environment, it is also important to consider the sensations you want to experience in the garden .
Here are some examples of sensations conveyed by colors, based on the palette of Hiro's outdoor collection .
  • Fossil green : can evoke a feeling of nature and serenity, perfect for a zen and regenerating space.
  • Graphite black : adds a touch of modernity and elegance, perfect for a more sophisticated and contemporary garden.
  • Vanilla : it is ideal for creating a welcoming and bright atmosphere, perfect for summer evenings in the company of friends and family, especially if you eat outdoors (yellow stimulates the appetite).
  • Cornflower Blue : Blue is often associated with serenity and tranquility. The cornflower tone adds lightness, liveliness and vitality. This color can create a pleasant atmosphere in the garden, perfect for moments of contemplation of nature.
  • Cinnamon : embodies one of the colors of the earth and transmits good mood. It evokes feelings of familiarity and creates an enveloping atmosphere in the garden.

Outdoor furniture: the must haves for a well-organised garden

To make your garden not only beautiful, but also organised, some essential furnishings cannot be missing.
Here is a checklist of super useful furnishings in a well-kept outdoor space.
Planters are not just a way to house your favorite plants, they can transform the corners of your garden into real focal points. Choose planters of different sizes and place them strategically to create dynamism and visual interest.
Also place them on walls or windowsills to add a touch of green even in the most unexpected places.
Don't know which planters are right for you? Find out how to choose outdoor planters .
Nothing beats a relaxing outdoor aperitif on a warm summer evening. A coffee table with stools is ideal for creating a convivial area in which to enjoy the cool evening air.
Place it under a gazebo or porch for an intimate atmosphere, or leave it open to enjoy the sun during the day.
  • Small outdoor shelf . A small shelf is the perfect item to keep your garden tidy and organized. Use it to store gardening tools, bulbs and seeds, earthenware pots and to display smaller seedlings. This way you will have everything at hand when you need it and your garden will always be tidy.
  • Outdoor coffee table next to the sofas . To create a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere in your garden, don't forget to add a coffee table next to the sofas. This small detail will transform your outdoor space into a real open-air living room , perfect for enjoying moments of relaxation in the company of friends and family.
Take care of your outdoor space and transform it into an oasis of tranquility and comfort.

How to choose garden furniture? Let's recap

In short, choosing garden furniture is not just a question of aesthetics , but also of practicality and resistance over time .
- Opting for a minimalist design and treated metal furnishings for the outdoors ensures an elegant and timeless environment.
- Choosing the right colors allows you to create the perfect atmosphere to enjoy life outdoors to the fullest.
- Whether you are designing an area in which to contemplate the greenery or an area dedicated to parties or aperitifs, remember that garden furniture is the beating heart of your outdoor space , so choose carefully and enjoy every moment outdoors.

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