Demetra Fruit Bowl Set - Graphite Black

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Bring luck to the table

Painted aluminum fruit bowl.

In Sicilian tradition, the ceramic pine cone is given as a gift to newly married couples as a wish for prosperity, luck and fertility. Inspired by the shape of the pine cone, these fruit bowls are ideal table centerpieces, also to be used in combinations, overflowing with fruit, to celebrate the fertility of which the goddess Demeter was the bearer.


Gabriele Panciera


Graphite Black (RAL9011)


Embossed, it appears "material" to the touch (not smooth); powder coating offers greater resistance to scratches than other systems and guarantees greater durability and color retention over time


High fruit bowl: Max diameter 20.5 cm, min diameter 14 cm, height 15 cm.


Approximately 0.8 kg

Demetra Fruit Bowl Set - Graphite Black
About the Designer

the designer

Gabriele Panciera

Gabriele Panciera è nato a Milano nel 1996. Laureato in Product Design all’Istituto Europeo di design, inizia presto a lavorare come industrial designer.

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