Altea Alta and Hydro Watering Can - Fossil Green

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Let joy blossom

Freestand vase holder in painted and treated steel for outdoor use (high version) with wooden tray

Our home plants grow thanks to the care we give them every day. Giving them a container that enhances them and makes them even more protagonists of our home or garden is only the last stage of this commitment.

Altea is precisely "the one who takes care of" and, from today, the design piece that will take care of the beauty of your flowers.

In this version with high support, the plant stand becomes a real protagonist, indoors and outdoors. With the wooden tray, find a new style and it also becomes a shelf and table, to place your favorite ornaments or other vases and play with the different levels.

Stainless steel watering can

The watering can takes us back to an ancient ritual, that of water, of nourishment. In the sunny courtyards, on our balconies. The shapes play with each other, a cylinder that contains water, life. The watering spout connects in an endless circle with the handle to hold this garden tool and perfect design object for your windowsill. 






Altea Alta and Hydro Watering Can - Fossil Green
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